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Helpmonks How It Works

Helpmonks is more than just an email collaboration platform — it's a toolkit for successful customer service.

Teams switching to Helpmonks become more productive and better organized. By using Helpmonks, your Sales, Marketing, and Support team become a powerful customer-centric unit.

Helpmonks is the #1 choice for growing businesses that want to do more than manage a shared inbox.

Helpmonks How It Works
Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Heather W. (Real Estate)

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

Helpmonks G2 High PerformerHelpmonks G2 Small Business High Performer

Powerful email management tools to keep everyone in the loop

It's essential that each team member is informed about each customer interaction and knows how to respond to customer questions. Helpmonks makes it easy to see everything at a glance. Whether you're in sales, marketing, or support. Everything is a click away in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks Customer Data

Stay informed

Customer information at a glance.

Helpmonks keeps every email, chat, or email campaign within your contacts portal.Each shared inboxhas unlimited emails, unlimited users and no storage limits. Keep your customers' history as long you need — data you can use to build a great customer experience.

Helpmonks User Experience

Get the complete picture

See everything that goes on with a company within seconds.

Our customers love the capabilities of "Companies" in Helpmonks. See the entire history of every employee of a company in a convenient view. Know in seconds if your SLA has been met. Know how toachieve higher customer satisfaction.

Helpmonks CRM Pipeline

Connect with customers

Increase lead generation, drive sales, and grow your business.

The Helpmonks customer engagement platform shows you allrelevant customer information at any point in time. Build your customer experience strategy based on customer feedback and increase customer loyalty.

Sales and marketing tools to drive sales and grow your business

Growing a business is challenging, and you don't need yet another solution. Helpmonks includes a Live Chat tool and email marketing solutions to help you grow your business.

Helpmonks Live Chat

Live Chat for your sites

Live Chat with your website visitors and customers.

Every Helpmonks account comes with anintegrated LiveChat widgetthat you can use on one or several sites. With personalized automated messages, you engage visitors directly todrive sales and further customer engagement.

Helpmonks Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Engage customers with beautiful email campaigns.

Send email newsletters and product updates to your email liststo keep your customers up-to-date and your brand in front of them. See if your contacts followed your call to action andadjust your email campaigns in real-time.

Helpmonks Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Email automation for lead generation.

Nothing drives sales and grows your business more thanpersonalized email communication. Helpmonks makes this a breeze with the integrated email automation platform totrigger emails based on your customers' behavior.

Real-time data reports driving your next steps for your customer engagement strategy

Data and reports are invaluable tools to make an intelligent business decision. With Helpmonks, you get easy-to-understand reports for your next customer service strategy decision.

Helpmonks Reporting

Intelligent analytics

Reports for boosting sales, marketing, and customer support.

The benefit of the Helpmonksall-in-one customer engagement platform, shines when it comes to reports. We are unique in providing you with the most detailed reports in the market to help you grow your customer service.

Helpmonks Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports

Create customer experiences based on real-time data.

Leverage the real-time data to build a best-in-class customer support portal. Quickly identify your team's workload and make adjustments in real-timebased on customer trends and economic situations. Be always in the known.

Helpmonks Marketing Insight

Clever marketing insight

Increase lead generation, drive sales, and grow your business.

Gain a deep understanding of your customers' behavior andadjust your next email marketing campaign based on data. Adjust your email campaigns on the fly and react to marketing trends. Sales and Marketing teams rejoice.

Join the customer engagement revolution. Explore what's included with each Helpmonks account.

Shared inbox

Email collaborationfor customer service that demand more from collaboration.

Email Marketing

Manage distribution lists andsend email newsletterswith no contact limits.

Drip Campaigns

Inrease sales and engagement with personalizedemail automation campaigns.

Live Chat

Enhance your customer experience andtalk to your customersin real-time.


Work better together as a group in yourshared inboxwithin one platform.


Turn your shared emails into apowerful task managerthat's made for teams.


Transform your shared inbox into asales toolto keep everything in one place.

File Browser

Find every file from any email in seconds. Create a shared storage.(Coming soon)

Knowledge Base

Help desk for customer self-service and internal documentation.(Coming soon)

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Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
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Helpmonks, the best thing since sliced bread
Excellent option for collaborating email among your team
A good platform that is here to grow and help you grow
Helpmonks is a great tool that our company utilizes and depends on
Great shared inbox for the team
Fantastic email support service for any business
Easy to navigate and catalog data for specific users
Solid Helpdesk software w/ responsive customer support
A really good solution to manage customer support mailbox
Good support, useful features