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Helpmonks vs FrontApp

Your business deserves more than an (expensive) Front shared inbox — level up to an email platform that wants you to succeed.

A mighty team collaboration tool, best-in-business customer management, live chat, and email marketing, plus marketing automation, is the reason why so many switch from a Front email app to Helpmonks.

Helpmonks vs FrontApp
Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Great shared inbox that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

Heather W. (Real Estate)

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

JT M. (Small Business Owner)

Helpmonks G2 High PerformerHelpmonks G2 Small Business High Performer

Get (a lot) more - for less - with Helpmonks

There's no comparison when looking for a Front email replacement for your team and your customers. Front app prices are ridiculously high, and the cost is per user. Furthermore, you need to pay for at least two users. Moreover, Front is known to change prices and force upgrades on customers. All for a shared inbox and live chat that arguably looks very nice but comes with a high cost of ownership.
On the other hand, Helpmonks is known for fairpricing with no per-user licenses, multiple deployment options, andraving customer support. Besides, as a real Front app competitor, Helpmonks delivers a better and more innovative email management platform packed withemail collaboration featuresthat companies want.
Your customer support and sales team can replace the Front chat with theHelpmonks chat widget, which features automation and triggers out-of-the-box. Plus, your marketing team will enjoy the integratedemail marketing platformwithmarketing automation. All that, in one powerful email platform.

A powerful email platform to run your business

Email collaboration

Ashared inbox for teamsthat demand more from an email platform.

Email Marketing

Manage distribution lists andsend email campaignswith no contact limits.

Drip Campaigns

Inrcease sales and customer engagement with targetedemail sequences.

Live Chat

Increase sales and use ourlive chat toolto chat in real-time.

Team Email

Work as a unified team in yourshared inboxwith email for groups.

Email ToDo

Powerfulemail task managementfor teams built-in.


Work right along side your customersthrough all relationship stages.

Knowledge Base

Create public or internalknowledge base sites with ease.

File Browser

Find every file from any email in seconds. Create a shared storage.(Coming soon)

Shared Inbox: Seamless communication collaboration for teams.

Every shared inbox in Helpmonks comes with superpowers to help you and your team to stay focused. Each email in your team inbox provides context about the sender, including the entire history.

Furthermore, "Companies", a Helpmonks first-to-market feature, enables an intelligent view into the company of the sender.

Teams that started using ashared inboxfor shared email, tell us that their collaboration and teamwork increased.Customers lovethe power of collaboration driven by key metrics.

Helpmonks Shared Inbox

Live Chat: Unlimited chat widgets included.

It's no secret that live chat increases lead generation and sales funnels. That's why we include a LiveChat feature without any limitations. You can use theLive Chatwidget on as many sites as you want. Moreover, there is also no chat agent limit.

As part of our team collaboration tool, all incoming messages are automatically stored and synced, and available in the enhanced contact management. From here, you can take further actions, e.g., assign the email, discuss internally, or add the email address to one of your automated email drip campaigns.

Helpmonks Live Chat

Email Marketing: Send email newsletters with ease.

Boost sales, nurture subscribers, and maintain brand recognition with ourEmail Marketing Platformbeyond social media.

That's right, Helpmonks includes a complete email marketing software that you can use to manage your distribution lists andsend beautiful email newslettersto customers.

Unlike FrontApp, you won't have to sell your house to afford it. That's one of the many benefits of an all-in-one customer communication platform.

Helpmonks Email Marketing Template

Marketing Automation: Pro-active customer communication.

Combine the simplicity of customer communication and start real conversations with your customers. You can create pleasant customer experiences with personal messages at the right time. One way to do that is by sending automated email responses at the right time of the customer journey.

Instead of adding yet-another expensive tool — haven't you paid enough for Front app already? — Helpmonks includes a mighty email automation engine already.

Explore whysending automated emailsis one of the best marketing strategies. It's almost as having a tailor made service at scale at your disposal.

Helpmonks Automated Email Campaign

To-Do's: Take collaboration to another level.

Email collaboration is a core feature of every shared inbox. With it, assigning emails to team members is one of the most common reasons why teams love it. While powerful, assigning emails has its drawbacks.

The HelpmonksTo-Do appenables you to delegate tasks related to the conversation but still be in charge of the email.

Every To-Do is associated with a contact and/or an email. With this deep integration, our customer engagement solution provides intelligent reporting into each customer's tasks, workloads, time spend per email, and more. It's the perfect tool for team collaboration.

Helpmonks To-Do List

CRM: Empower your sales workflow.

Helpmonks gives you an overview of all your sales and marketing activities in the team inbox already. Thesimple CRMadd-on organizes everything for you further.

With email inboxes, workflows, and task lists in the same place, you automatically keep everyone in the known and increase your team's productivity.

Helpmonks CRM Workflow

Switch from Front app and get (a lot) more - for less

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Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed
We couldn't do our job without Helpmonks!
Helpmonks, the best thing since sliced bread
Excellent option for collaborating email among your team
A good platform that is here to grow and help you grow
Helpmonks is a great tool that our company utilizes and depends on
Great shared inbox for the team
Fantastic email support service for any business
Easy to navigate and catalog data for specific users
Solid Helpdesk software w/ responsive customer support
A really good solution to manage customer support mailbox
Good support, useful features