Everything that empowers you to become successful with customers

Take control of your email management

Unified view for your email conversations

Unified View

At a glance see what is assigned to you or to other team members. Quickly switch to another mailbox or status. Pure efficiency.

Set Reminders in Helpmonks

Set Reminders

Using reminders, bring email conversations back to your attention when you want. Keep track of important conversations and at the same time be on your way to Inbox Zero.

Assign Team Members

Assign Team Members

Keep your inbox organized and your customers happy. Always know who will reply by assigning emails to team members.

Automate email conversations with workflow


Control your email flow with Workflows. Automatically assign emails, set labels, create reminders or even call your external system.

Embeed email commands in email conversations

Email Commands

Harness the power of email commands to set notes, reminders, labels and assign conversations directly in the email reply.

Archive and be able to find all emails with the search


Every email conversation at your fingertips. Keep all your team emails archived and searchable.

Attach labels to messages

Labels / Tags

Label emails to group them by common attributes. Create as many labels you like and color them, too. Emails organized.

Helpmonks supports multiple mailboxes

Multiple shared inboxes

Manage your info@domain.com, sales@domain.com and support@domain.com in one central location. See what is going on in one glance.

Helpmonks lets you save canned responses

Saved Replies

Save time by using saved replies to reply to the most common inquiries quick and efficiently. Use dynamic variables to automatically fill in the recipients data

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Customer History

Keep a track record of each customers conversation with built-in customer management tools.

Embeed notes in email conversations

Embedded Notes

Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes for you and your team to see. Additionally, create private notes for your eyes only.

Moving Emails between Mailboxes

Moving Emails

Has a customer reached the wrong inbox? No problem, just move the email to the appropriate mailbox with email commands or in the Web UI.

Assign statuses to your email conversations

Assign Status to Emails

Assign statuses to email conversations so you and your team know at what stage the email is.

Forward emails

Forward Emails

Need an answer from someone outside the team? Simply forward the email and have Helpmonks relate the different email threads.

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Customer Contacts

Built-in Customer Management keeps a history of every interaction and provides an overview of the customer interactions.

List of all customers who have sent emails or been added to helpmonks.

Company Records

Create a company record and Helpmonks will automatically associate email addresses to a known company by domain. You can then create workflows based on a company or associate SLA's with the company.

Apple Service Level Agreements to emails

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

This unique feature, guarantees that all team members know of the SLA status of a conversation and act accordingly. In combination with workflows, the SLA feature will satisfy any requirement of your and your customers.

Custom SMTP Settings

Custom SMTP Settings

Use your own mail server or any of the popular SMTP services like SendGrid, MailGun, etc. for your outgoing messages.

Manage emails in bulk

Bulk Actions

Apply bulk actions to emails to update multiple emails with one click.

Keep messages for history retension


Keep all your email conversations archived in Helpmonks to provide a complete customer and company history. The search will guarantee that you will find everything with ease.

Helpmonks renders inline images and can handle attachments

Attachments and Inline Images

Emails appear in Helpmonks just as they do in your email client. Helpmonks supports inline images and attachments. You can even share attachments with only your team using notes.

Helpmonks Ticket Management

Ticket Management

Using only emails for ticketing sometimes just won't cut it. Extend Helpmonks with one of the many ticket management plugins available (Github, Zendesk, etc.) and create a ticket from any email with one click.

Helpmonks works with Trello and Basecamp

Project Management

Using Trello or Basecamp for project management? Grab the Trello plugin to create a card in Trello within Helpmonks.

Extend the sidebar with your own customer information

Customer Relation Management

Integrate with Salesforce and other popular CRM systems to expand the customer info in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks Collision Detection

Collision Detection

Collision detection prevents two agents replying at the same time to the customer. It also notifies users in the Helpmonks app if someone is viewing or replying to an email in real-time.

Helpmonks email tracking

Tracked Emails

With tracking you can see when your recipient has viewed your email. See the status in the listing view and within the conversation. You will also get a desktop notification in real-time.

Helpmonks 2-Step Verification protect your account with Two-Factor

2-Step Verification (Two-Factor)

Add an extra layer of security to your Helpmonks account the 2-Step verification. Use you mobile phone or a Yubikey to access your team emails in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks merge conversations

Merge conversations

Merge several emails to avoid having to manage multiple conversations on the same issue. You can merge any conversations into one with a simple click. No redudant emails with Helpmonks. Merge and link accross multiple mailboxes, too.

Helpmonks merge conversations

Link conversations

Linking a conversation to another is a convenient option to stay on top of your team email workflow. Each conversation can have multiple links to any other conversation in your system. Get a complete picture of all conversations with your customers.

Helpmonks shortcuts

Handy shortcuts

Use shortcuts to quickly navigate through your team emails. For example, answer an email with "shift" + "r" or leave a note with "shift" + "n" and finally save it with "shift" + "return".

Embeed notes in email conversations

Embedded Notes

Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes for you and your team to see. Additionally, create private notes for your eyes only.

Helpmonks mentions


Tag individual team-members of your mailbox in a note and only those team-members will get notified of your note. With "mentions" you can have a direct conversation with relevant team-members right in your conversations.

Apply permissions for mailboxes

Mailbox Permissions

Assign different team members to different mailboxes. Decide what actions team members can do.

Helpmonks customization

White-LabelGo further plan

Personalize your team mailboxes by adding your own logo, login image and color for each mailbox. With the "Go further" plan you can use a custom URL and install your SSL certificate

Groups / WorkgroupsGo further plan

Delegate conversations to a group instead of just an individual team member. Groups get their own view of all conversations belonging to a team. Collaboration work can't get easier than this.

(coming soon)

Single Sign-on (SSO)Go further plan

Use SAML or oAuth based single-sign-on to seamlessly log into Helpmonks. Use SAML with OneLogin, Salesforce, Azure, etc. Use oAuth to build your apps around Helpmonks.

Helpmonks ip address restrictions

IP restrictionsGo further plan

Limit access to your Helpmonks account by IP-addresses and configure unauthorized access. Secure your Helpmonks access and only allow access on specific networks.

Helpmonks developer api

Developer API

Developer rejoice. The Helpmonks API allows you to access all data stored in Helpmonks in your favorite environment. Read more at Helpmonks API or head right over to the Helpmonks API documentation to learn how to.

Powerful CRM capabilitiesGo further plan

Helpmonks CRM with pipelines and stages

Transform emails into sales

Add context to each email thread. Add notes, deal sizes, contact and more to each deal. Helpmonks CRM intelligently summarizes all conversations with your customers. Explore powerful CRM capabilities

Helpmonks CRM opportunities in your shared team mailbox

Opportunities in your email

Everyting you need to know about your deals is available in your sidebar. Of course, this includes all your custom fields, which are available for each customer. Explore powerful CRM capabilities

Helpmonks CRM powerful sales too for your shared team mailbox

Get deals done

As your sales tool is integrated with Helpmonks, your whole team get notifications on news, when a user didn't reply, tracking and more. Explore powerful CRM capabilities

Automated email marketing campaignsGo further plan
This feature is coming soon

Sell more

Use event driven campaigns to generate more revenue. Target customers at the right time with the perfect message. Explore event driven campaigns

Do more with behavioral emails

Trigger more engagement with relevant messages based on what customers are doing in your product. Build a loyal customer base. Explore event driven campaigns

Integrated in Helpmonks

The event driven email campaign is the natural extensions to the Helpmonks email collaboration platform. Manage everything is one tool. Explore event driven campaigns

Extensions / Plugins / Integrations

Helpmonks Custom Application Plugin

Custom applicationBliss plan

With this plugin it's easy to bring in data from your custom application or data store into Helpmonks. You can create two kind of applications, one a dynamic app where data is being pulled and pushed to your web-service and the other is static data.

Helpmonks Satisfaction Rating Plugin

Satisfaction ratingsBliss plan

With each reply customers can share how they feel about the service they received with the Helpmonks satisfaction rating plugin. When enabled, customers can let you know if they are happy with your answer. On top of that, you will have a beautiful report. All built within Helpmonks.

Helpmonks Custom Fields Plugin

Custom FieldsBliss plan

Extend your email conversations with your own fields and store individual information for each thread. Custom fields are automatically included in any search. Also, fields can be assigned to customers and companies.

Helpmonks Trello Plugin

TrelloBliss plan

The Trello plugin lets you create cards in Trello from any email conversation within Helpmonks. Also, you can keep the conversation within Helpmonks as you can simply add comments to the card from the email conversation.

Helpmonks Chatra Plugin

Chatra ChatBliss plan

Automatically receive chat transcript and offline messages from Chatra in your mailbox(es). With the smart filters you can even deploy Chatra on multiple websites and with one configuration receive the chats in Helpmonks mailboxes.

Helpmonks LiveChat Plugin

LiveChatBliss plan

Use LiveChat on your website and your agents will automatically see all email conversations in Helpmonks. Also, all chats will automatically appear in your mailbox and added to the customer.

Helpmonks Zapier Plugin

ZapierBliss plan

Automate your email communication. Zapier moves info between your web apps and Helpmonks automatically. As Zapier integrates with over 750 apps, you will surely find the integration that works for your workflow, too.

Helpmonks ToDoIst Plugin

ToDoIst Bliss plan

Millions of people rely on Todoist to get things done. Helpmonks and ToDoIst takes this a step further as now your whole team can assign To-Do's for each other directly from any email conversation.

(coming soon)
Slack Helpmonks Notification Plugin


Channel notification is a breeze with the Slack Helpmonks integration. Customize notification further by combining it with the workflow. The Slack Plugin is available to every Helpmonks customer.

HipChat Helpmonks Notification Plugin


Notify any HipChat room with the HipChat Helpmonks integration. Refine notifications by leveraging the workflow and get customized notification. The HipChat plugin comes with every Helpmonks account for free.

Use Helpmonks Web Hooks to integrate with your system

Web Hooks

The Web-Hook allows you to call your custom system every time an email arrives or under certain conditions that you define in the workflow. We always said that Helpmonks plays well with everybody.

Create your own Helpmonks plugin

Custom Integration

Use our open plugin architecture to create your own plugin. Helpmonks is completely developed in Node.js and thus everyone with Javscript skills can extend Helpmonks. Contact us for more information.

Helpmonks Salesforce Plugin

SalesforceGo further plan

The ultimate CRM tool now completely integrated in Helpmonks. See Salesforce customer data directly in Helpmonks and exchange email conversations in Helpmonks with Salesforce.

(coming soon)

Real-Time Reports

Reports on activity over time

Activity over Time

Know how many emails you received for each mailbox, and how many have been resolved with real-time updated charts.

Reports on mailbox activity

Mailbox Activity

Get an overview of how many email responses your team has sent. See your team's average response and resolution times.

Get a detailed report on user performance

Team Members Activity

See each team member's performance for a given time range providing detailed information of the performance of each team member.

Reports on activity over time

Detailed report of each user

The detailed user report, provides you with real-time performance information. Know the day with the most emails, what the average reply time is and much more.

Summary of assigned emails

Summary of assigned emails

Quickly see how many emails are assigned to each member of your team. Take control of your email workflow in seconds.

Export report data

Export the data and integrate the mailbox statistic with your own reporting tools to get a complete picture of your whole organization.

Works with your existing email client and email provider

Helpmonks works with every email client

Work with Existing Clients

Continue working in your existing email client, be it Gmail, Outlook, etc. No change is needed. Helpmonks is not yet-another client!

Google Apps, Outlook 365, Rackspace and more are fully supported

Works with Any Email Provider

Helpmonks sits between you and your customer. It is invisible to the customer and also to your team. No change to your current email setup is needed.

Helpmonks features a beautiful web application

Web Interface

Helpmonks features a beautiful and feature-rich web application to manage all aspects of your shared inbox.

Helpmonks works with ios and android

Mobile Interface

On the go and need to manage your emails? No problem, Helpmonks is completely responsive and works with any mobile and tablet browser.

Use email commands in Helpmonks

Use email commands

Helpmonks features easy to use email commands. With email commands you simply reply from within your email client and send commands, e.g. #note to attach a note, #me to assign the email and so forth.

Multiple Deployment Options

Signup for Helpmonks for free

Helpmonks Hosted

Make it easy and create your shared inbox in seconds by leveraging the Helpmonks hosted platform

Your own Helpmonks cloud server

Helpmonks Cloud Server

Own your own Helpmonks cloud server. Fully managed by us. Explore the Helpmonks cloud server

Deploy Helpmonks on-premise

Helpmonks Self-hosted

Helpmonks is the only solution that can also be deployed on your premises. Explore the Helpmonks self-hosted solution

Helpmonks supports multi-host deployments

Multi-Host (Cloud and On-Premise)

You can serve multiple departments or clients from one central Helpmonks installation. Each host with its own settings and features.

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We really enjoy working with Helpmonks every day. It made our communication with our customers so much easier. Thank you.

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