Shared inbox, Live-Chat, CRM, Team To-Dos, and an Email Marketing Platform

Over the years, we've created an entire email and customer success platform to cover every aspect of your sales funnel.

Our customers tell us that they love how we continuously expand the platform and how responsive we are to customer requests. Apart from that, Helpmonks contains several unique features, that you won't find in other system (or at a much higher cost).

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Shared inbox, Live-Chat, CRM, Team To-Dos, and an Email Marketing Platform

Take control of your email management

Groups / Workgroups
Helpmonks Teams for email collaboration
Helpmonks lets you collaborate on email conversations with your team as a group. Work better together as a team and take control of your email flow.
Team To-Do App
Helpmonks comes with an integrated Team To-Do App.
Helpmonks comes with a powerful integrated To-Do Manager for teams that lets you collaborate with your team on any task. Assign tasks to individual members while still being in control of the email conversation.
Approval process
As for approval for sending within Helpmonks
Set who is allows to compose or reply to conversations directly or who needs to ask for approval first. You can have as many people as required set to ask for approval. The approval process is beautifully integrated into Helpmonks.
Unified View
Unified view for your email conversations
At a glance see what is assigned to you or to other team members. Quickly switch to another mailbox or status. Pure efficiency.
Set Reminders
Set Reminders in Helpmonks
Using reminders, bring email conversations back to your attention when you want. Keep track of important conversations and at the same time be on your way to Inbox Zero.
Assign Team Members
Assign Team Members
Keep your inbox organized and your customers happy. Always know who will reply by assigning emails to team members.
Automate email conversations with work-flow
Control your email flow with Workflows. Automatically assign emails, set labels, create reminders or even call your external system.
Email Commands
Embed email commands in email conversations
Harness the power of email commands to set notes, reminders, labels and assign conversations directly in the email reply.
Archive and be able to find all emails with the search
Every email conversation at your fingertips. Keep all your team emails archived and search-able.
Labels / Tags
Attach labels to messages
Label emails to group them by common attributes. Create as many labels you like and color them, too. Emails organized.
Multiple shared inboxes
Helpmonks supports multiple mailboxes
Manage your, and in one central location. See what is going on in one glance.
Saved Replies
Helpmonks lets you save canned responses
Save time by using saved replies to reply to the most common inquiries quick and efficiently. Use dynamic variables to automatically fill in the recipients data.
Customer History
Generic placeholder image
Keep a track record of each customers conversation with built-in customer management tools.
Embedded Notes
Embed notes in email conversations
Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes for only you and your team to see. Additionally, create private notes for your eyes only.
Moving Emails
Moving Emails between Mailboxes
Has a customer reached the wrong inbox? No problem, just move the email to the appropriate mailbox with email commands or in the Web UI.
Assign Status to Emails
Assign statuses to your email conversations
Assign statuses to email conversations so you and your team know at what stage the email is.
Forward Emails
Forward emails
Need an answer from someone outside the team? Simply forward the email and have Helpmonks relate the different email threads.
Customer Contacts
Helpmonks Customer Management
Built-in Customer Management features keep a history of each customer interaction providing an overview an overview by company or individual.
Company Records
List of all customers who have sent emails or been added to helpmonks
Create a company record and Helpmonks will automatically associate email addresses to that company by domain. You can also create workflows based on a company, or associate SLA's to a company.
Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Apply Service Level Agreements to emails
This unique feature guarantees that all team members know of the SLA status of a conversation and give inquiry the urgency it requires. In combination with workflows, the SLA feature will satisfy any requirement of you and your customers.
Custom SMTP Settings
Custom SMTP Settings
Use your own mail server or any of the popular SMTP services like SendGrid, MailGun, etc. for your sending your emails.
Bulk Actions
Manage emails in bulk
Apply bulk actions to emails to update multiple emails with one click.
Keep messages for history retention
Keep all your email conversations archived in Helpmonks to provide a complete customer and company history. The search will guarantee that you will find everything with ease.
Use your email client
Helpmonks works with every email client
Continue working in your existing email client, be it Gmail, Outlook, etc. No change is needed. Helpmonks is not just another client!
Works with every email-server
Helpmonks works with every email-server
Helpmonks sits between you and your customer. It is invisible to the customer and to your team. Also, Helpmonks works with every email-server be it Google Apps, Office365, Rackspace, Yahoo, or Exchange server. No change is required.
Use any browser
Helpmonks features a beautiful web application
Helpmonks features a beautiful and feature-rich web application to manage all aspects of your shared inbox. Furthermore, every aspect of Helpmonks is designed to be responsive, i.e., adapt to your screen size.
Helpmonks mobile (PWA)
Helpmonks works with iOS/iPad and Android
Helpmonks works with every mobile device as it is built to be a "Progressive Web Application" (PWA). What that means, is that it works with every mobile device and supports native notifications and more for when you're on the go.
Attachments and Inline Images
Helpmonks renders inline images and can handle attachments
Emails appear in Helpmonks just as they do in your email client. Helpmonks supports inline images and attachments. You can even share attachments with only your team using notes.
Ticket Management
Helpmonks Ticket Management
Using only emails for ticketing sometimes just won't cut it. Extend Helpmonks with one of the many ticket management plugins available (Github, Zendesk, etc.) and create a ticket from any email with one click.
Project Management
Helpmonks works with Trello and Basecamp
Using Trello or Basecamp for project management? Grab the Trello plugin to create a card in Trello within Helpmonks.
3rd-Party Integrations
Extend the sidebar with your own customer information
Integrate with Salesforce and other popular systems to expand the customer info in Helpmonks.
Collision Detection
Helpmonks Collision Detection
Collision detection prevents two agents from replying at the same time to an email. Within Helpmonks, see if another user is already viewing or composing a reply to an email in real-time.
Open Email Tracking
Helpmonks open email tracking
By enabling tracking you can choose to be notified when a recipient has opened your email. See both the status and viewing time from the listing view and as well as within the conversation.
2-Step Verification (Two-Factor)
Helpmonks 2-Step Verification protect your account with Two-Factor
Add an extra layer of security to your Helpmonks account with 2-Step verification. Use you mobile phone or a Yubikey to access your shared inboxes in Helpmonks.
Merge conversations
Helpmonks merge conversations
Merge several emails into one to avoid having to manage the same issue over and over. Any conversations can be merged together with a simple click. Avoid redundant emails by using Helpmonks. Merge and link conversations across multiple mailboxes, too.
Link conversations
Helpmonks merge conversations
Linking a conversation to another is a convenient way to stay on top of your team email workflow. Any conversation can be linked to multiple others within your Helpmonks shared mailboxes. Get a complete picture of all conversations with your customers.
Keyboard shortcuts
Helpmonks keyboard shortcuts
Use shortcuts to quickly navigate through your team emails. For example, answer an email with "shift" + "r" or leave a note with "shift" + "n" and finally save it with "shift" + "return".
Embedded Notes
Embed notes in email conversations
Collaborate on customer emails with embedded notes for only you and your team to see. Additionally, create private notes for your eyes only.
Helpmonks mentions
Tag individual team-members within your note to specifically notify them of your entry. With "mentions" you can have a direct conversation with relevant team-members embedded in your email conversation, that your customer never sees.
Permission settings
Helpmonks permission settings per user
Define what a user is allowed to do and what they are allowed to see. Assign individual users to a mailbox or provide access to several mailboxes. Users will only every see the mailboxes they are allowed to and no more.
Mailbox Permissions
Apply permissions for mailboxes
Assign different team members to different mailboxes. Decide what actions team members can do.
Single Sign-on & SAML
Single Sign-on & SAML authentication
Use SAML or oAuth based single-sign-on to seamlessly log into Helpmonks. Use SAML with OneLogin, Salesforce, Azure, etc. Use oAuth to build your apps around Helpmonks.
Helpmonks White-Label
Personalize your team mailboxes by adding your own logo, login image and color for each mailbox. With the "Go further" plan you can use a custom URL and install your SSL certificate
IP restrictions
Helpmonks ip address restrictions
Limit access to your Helpmonks account by IP-addresses and configure unauthorized access. Secure your Helpmonks access and only allow access on specific networks.
Developer API
Helpmonks developer api
Developers rejoice. The Helpmonks API allows you to access all data stored in Helpmonks in your favorite environment. Read more at Helpmonks API or head right over to the Helpmonks API documentation to learn how to.

Powerful CRM capabilities (Helpmonks CRM)

Transform emails into sales
Helpmonks CRM with pipelines and stages
Add context to each email thread. Add notes, deal sizes, contact and more to each deal. Helpmonks CRM intelligently summarizes all conversations with your customers. Explore powerful CRM capabilities
Opportunities in your email
Helpmonks CRM opportunities in your shared team mailbox
Everything you need to know about your deals is available in the sidebar. This includes all your custom fields, available for each customer. Explore powerful CRM capabilities
Get deals done
Helpmonks CRM powerful sales too for your shared team mailbox
As your sales tool is integrated with Helpmonks, your whole team gets notified of news, when a user didn't reply, tracking and more. Explore powerful CRM capabilities

Reporting and history retention

Usage summary
Usage report for your shared inbox in Helpmonks
Quickly see the summary of activity for any mailbox. In the Usage Summary, see how many emails are sent as well as the total number of emails for each mailbox in Helpmonks
Activity over Time
Reports on activity over time
Know how many emails you received for each mailbox, from both known and new emails addresses for a given time period. Easily compare your email trends in daily, weekly, or monthly units updated in real-time.
Mailbox Activity
Reports on mailbox activity
Get an overview of how many email responses your team has sent. See your team's average response and resolution times.
Team Member's Activity
Get a detailed report on user performance
See each team member's performance for a given time range providing detailed information which can be filtered by time period.
Detailed report for each user
Detailed report for each user
The detailed user report, provides you with real-time performance information. Know the day with the most emails, what the average reply time is and much more.
Summary of assigned emails
Summary of assigned emails
Quickly see how many emails are assigned to each member of your team. Take control of your email workflow in seconds.
Report on each label
Get a detailed report on each label in Helpmonks
Get a detailed report of each label in the system and make an informed decision as to the next steps of your business operation.
Approval report
Detailed report on each approval or rejection
See in detail the number of approved and rejected messages for a given user. Drill further down to see the approval/rejection details for an email conversation.
Satisfaction Rating
Customer satisfaction rating report
With the "Satisfaction Rating" plugin enabled, you will get a report of the satisfaction level your customers rate your service. In addition to the report you will also see the rating within each email conversation directly.

Extensions / Plugins / Integrations

Build Custom Apps
Bring in data from third-party services
With "Custom Applications" it is easier than ever to bring in data from a third-party application into Helpmonks. You can create two kinds of applications, a dynamic app where data is pulled and pushed to your web service, or a static app using dynamic variables.
Custom Fields
Helpmonks Custom Fields Plugin
Extend your email conversations with your own fields and store information related each thread. Custom fields are both searchable and visible in your search results. Also, you can set custom fields on both customers and companies.
LiveChat (LiveChatInc)
Helpmonks LiveChat Plugin
Use LiveChat on your website to let your agents automatically see all email conversations in Helpmonks. Additionally, all chats will appear in your mailbox and alongside customer info.
Helpmonks Trello Plugin
The Trello plugin lets you create cards in Trello from any email conversation within Helpmonks. From within Helpmonks update your associated Trello cards with comments.
Helpmonks Zapier Plugin
Automate your email communication workflows with the Helpmonks Zapier plugin. Zapier helps to automate syncing data between your web apps and Helpmonks. As Zapier integrates with over 750 apps, you will surely find integrations that complement your email workflow.
Slack Helpmonks Notification Plugin
Channel notification is a breeze with Helpmonks' Slack plugin. Customize notifications further by creating workflows to decide when and to which rooms notifications should be sent. The Slack Plugin is available to every Helpmonks customer.
Chatra Chat
Helpmonks Chatra Plugin
Automatically receive chat transcripts and offline messages from Chatra in your mailboxes. With the smart filters you can even deploy Chatra to multiple websites which can be configured to link back to your Helpmonks mailboxes.
Satisfaction Ratings
Helpmonks Satisfaction Rating Plugin
Let your customers easily share how they feel about your service directly from your sent emails. When enabled, the Customer Satisfaction plugin captures your customers's rating which is then charted over different periods of time as a report. All built within Helpmonks.
HipChat Helpmonks Notification Plugin
Notify any HipChat room with the HipChat Helpmonks integration. Refine notifications by leveraging the workflow and get customized notifications. The HipChat plugin is included with every Helpmonks account.
Web Hooks
Use Helpmonks Web Hooks to integrate with your system
Web Hooks enable you to POST to any url every time an email arrives, or under your chosen conditions defined in your workflows. Together with the Helpmonks API you can build sophisticated interactions that integrate your system with Helpmonks.
Custom Integration
Create your own Helpmonks plugin
Use our open plugin architecture to create your own plugin. Helpmonks is developed in Node.js and thus anyone with Javascript skills can extend Helpmonks. Contact us for more information.

Email automation a.k.a event-driven marketing emails

Sell more
Email automation a.k.a event-driven marketing emails
Use event driven campaigns to generate more revenue. Target customers at the right time with the perfect message. Explore event driven campaigns
Do more with behavioral emails
Trigger more engagement with relevant messages based on what customers are doing in your product. Build a loyal customer base.
Trigger more engagement with relevant messages based on how customers are using your product. Build a loyal customer base. Explore event driven campaigns
Integrated in Helpmonks
The event driven email campaign is are the natural extension to the Helpmonks Email Collaboration Platform. Manage everything is one tool.
Event driven email campaigns are the natural extension to the Helpmonks Email Collaboration Platform. Manage everything is one tool. Explore event driven campaigns

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Scalable and enterprise ready. The Helpmonks self-hosted edition grows with your company and has been deployed by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies with millions of emails

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Helpmonks gives you the ability tocollaborate as a groupin your shared mailbox, features aTeam To-Do App, powerfulCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)capabilities, integratedLive-Chatand anEmail Marketing Platform, approval control, collision detection, email tracking, reminders, mentions, custom fields, custom applications, satisfaction ratings, Single-Sign-On & SAML authentication, Trello, Zapier, Slack, Livechat, Chatra, a Developer API, and much more.

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