Create engaging email drip campaigns with our email automation platform

Use Helpmonks's mighty email automation to connect with your customers and drive higher customer engagement.

Send automated drip marketing emails to re-engage inactive customers or send a series of email messages based on your customers' behavior.

Automated marketing campaigns for customer satisfaction

Your email drip campaign gets superpower

Drive sales and revenue using advanced marketing automation, intuitive reporting and powerful personalization.

Drive sales and revenue using advanced email automation, comprehensive reporting, and personalized messaging.

Everyone knows that marketing automation software is the secret sauce to success. Use the Helpmonks marketing automation tools for an email drip campaign to increase success and sales. Free you sales team of repetitive tasks and have them focus on lead generation.

Create sequences of emails to send automated emails throughout the customers' journey. Keep your customers engaged with timely personalized emails, like a customer onboarding series, educational course, or for your next product launch.

Stay connected, collect leads, and keep customers. Send a targeted email drip campaign automatically to specific contacts with ease.

Your secret weapon for success - marketing automation

Automate business growth and drive more leads and sales with personalized content marketing.

Did you know that the average open rate for an email is about 25%? Only a fourth of emails are getting looked at. Even fewer are actually being read.

With a drip email campaign that sends personalized emails to your customers email address, you will automatically stay on top of those abandoned cart emails, and drive more leads to your product and services.

Email automation makes everything easier for sales and marketing team. By opting for a marketing automation solution, you can streamline your email marketing strategy and make it an easier process to follow for your marketing team. You'll be making your marketing funnel more efficient, leaving more time and energy for your marketing team to focus on other things.

Your secret weapon for success - marketing automation

Deep dive into your email marketing automation

Create engaging email drip campaigns

With the analytics and reporting suite you will make better business decisions.

Get actionable insights on how to improve your digital marketing strategy and lead score in seconds. See if your latest drip campaign worked for new and existing customers. Get meaningful insight into the performance of your email drip campaigns in real-time.

See if your email newsletter sign up form performs on your landing page and drives new audiences or if you need to adjust it on your way to a successful email list. Adopt your drip emails on the fly to enhance marketing and sales.

We provide data that matters to optimize your sales and marketing efforts and turn leads into loyal customers on each drip campaign.

More than just a marketing automation software

Grow your audience at scale.

Build meaningful relationships. With email automation, you can create personalized experiences, tell stories, and invite conversations in a way that's scalable and relevant for your business.

Trigger your email drip campaign, based on where the customer is in his journey. Reach the right people every time with automated marketing tasks for lead nurturing. Turn leads towards becoming customers by sending drip emails to match every stage of their journey.

Deliver personal messages that convert prospects into frequent buyers. Send meaningful marketing content to individual subscribers by personalizing your message based on each subscriber’s unique traits. Don't worry. It's easy to set up.

More than just marketing automation

Engage more customers

Create engaging email drip campaigns

Build your email list and create personalized customer experiences.

Helpmonks has everything you need to run beautifully-designed, professional automated email marketing campaigns to grow your business beyond social media.

Tag subscribers based on their actions and send highly personalized email campaigns with a customized call to action. Add triggered automation workflows based on the links your subscribers click and the emails they open.

Using detailed lists and smart segments, your messages instantly drive more engagement and create more value over time - it's more than just an email marketing software.

Email marketing resources to take you further

One more thing...

Helpmonks gives you the ability tocollaborate as a groupin your shared mailbox, features aTeam To-Do App, powerfulCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)capabilities, a completeLive-Chat tool, a mighty Email Marketing Platform that includes sending ofemail campaignsandemail automation, collision detection, email tracking, reminders, mentions, custom fields, custom applications, customer satisfaction ratings, Single-Sign-On (SSO) & SAML authentication, Trello, Zapier, Slack, an API, and much more.

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Great system that allows for effective day to day business operations.

Liam E. (Events Specialist)

Much needed better email management with best in class customer support.

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Helpmonks helps us answer customer emails at lighting speed.

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