New in Helpmonks: Upgraded email CRM for everyone

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Over four years ago, we added CRM capabilities to Helpmonks, allowing customers to track sales activities within their emails.

When we redesigned our email management system, we found an opportunity to integrate our email CRM features even more. Our main objective has always been to allow our customers to view all interactions in the easiest and quickest way possible.

With this release, we improved on this goal, and the new CRM options cement Helpmonks' position as your one-stop solution for support, sales, and marketing.

Customer interactions always available.

To begin with, you can access all the CRM features from the mail view. You can create Pipelines (which we refer to as Funnels) and define stages using the Kanban board element. Similarly to the previous version, you can create a "Box" (sometimes referred to as a "Deal"), which is a container for all the information related to your customer.

Helpmonks - Kanban view email CRM

We have made significant improvements to the "Box" element by expanding its existing features and introducing new ones, such as Meeting Notes and Call Logs. Additionally, you can set reminders or "follow" a box to keep track of its activities. Furthermore, all conversations from Box contact(s) will be displayed in a Box automatically.

You can continue to access all the features in the sidebar of your email thread, which means you don't have to look up the latest "Box" activities explicitly. We also made the sidebar interactive, which enables you to add notes, meeting notes, or call logs directly within a message, making it more convenient.

Helpmonks - email CRM Box view

However, you can do much more with the new CRM options as they are not limited to sales activities. For instance, you can use it for Project related work where all communications from multiple contacts will be combined in a Project (Box). Doing so takes our beloved "Company" feature one step further.

Say you want to combine emails from different vendors into one Box. All you need to do is to add the vendor, either by individual contact or the company itself, to a Box, and it will show you all messages, notes, calls, and other relevant information in one view.

Another optimal use case is to use a Funnel for customer support where you move a "Ticket" through Stages, i.e., "unresolved," "waiting on customer," and "resolved." By having the option to create unlimited Funnels, Stages, and Boxes, you can cover just about every business case.

One advantage of using Helpmonks with the new CRM functions as your customer engagement platform is that it allows you to easily track and locate any communication or interaction you have had with a specific contact, no matter which part of the system it took place in. This feature provides a seamless experience for you and your team, enabling everyone to engage in support, sales, and marketing activities more efficiently. By having all relevant information in one place, you can quickly identify the status of your communication with each contact, which can help you plan and execute your sales and marketing strategies more effectively, leading to the growth of your business.

Your all-in-one platform

Helpmonks has been built to help companies be more productive and for every member of your team to be customer-centric. The updated email CRM is another helpful tool our customers can leverage to grow their business. Create your free account today and see why companies love Helpmonks.

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