Updating subversion on 64-bit Linux (CentOS/RedHat)

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I run into some issues trying to update subversion on our Linux 64-bit (CentOS) servers. In other words, RPM always complained on some missing dependencies from a old version and aborted the upgrade. The error lines were of the nature;

Transaction Check Error:
file /{filesuchandsuch} from install of subversion-1.5.6-0.1.el5.rf

I mean, I had the old subversion installed and wanted to update to the new one. Isn’t that what a update is all about?

After trying to remove, reinstall and reconfigure subversion I tried the update again, just to find out that it still did not work. So, i started to dig into CentOS and found that during the installation of subversion the RPM installed both the 64-bit and the 32-bit versions.

Since, I did not need the 32-bit version I removed it with;

rpm erase subversion.i386

Then tried updating subversion again with;

svn update subversion

BINGO! Apparently the 32-bit version interfered with the update. Removing it solved it.

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