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I recently moved back to an Apple laptop after my experience with the XPS13 and Linux. My choice of laptop was the new Macbook 12″ with the Retina display. I know what some of you might say, after all the Macbook has a low powered chip and is not enough to be a workhorse, right? Let me show you why the Macbook is the perfect laptop, after all.

The Performance
Let’s address what I thought would be the biggest issue with the Macbook, that is the 1.2 GHz Intel Core M processor. While on paper (and according to all the tech publications), it is a low powered processor, I have to say that the new Macbook performs extremely well. I mean, I’m a developer working mainly in Sublime Text and run Node.js applications, Java, MongoDB, MySQL and web browsers. I don’t use the Macbook for any video processing or image manipulation (apart from the occasional Pixelmator sessions).

The only time, I’ve had a performance penalty was by having more than 20 tabs open in the browser. However, I found this “limit” more helpful than an issue. Also, during the installation of ffmpeg I noticed that the machine was hard at work (as it had to compile ffmpeg). I guess, it is safe to say that if you are not doing any CPU intense work, the Macbook can handle your workload well.

The Display
Anyone who has ever seen a Retina display knows what I mean by saying that the screen quality is outstanding. However, with the Macbook it feels like Apple has outdone itself and the Retina display has been especially made for this kind of laptop.

While the XPS13 screen has virtually no bezel, the Macbook still comes with the “black rim” around it. The upside of this is that the webcam is still where you expect it and not in an unfortunate position like the XPS13 (left bottom corner).

I have my resolution set to highest the Macbook allows, which is 1440×900, that is the same as the MacBook Air 13″. While my MacBook Pro 13″ has a 1680×1050 resolution, I have to admit that I like the 1440×900 one the best. It has the perfect mix for browsing and coding.

The port

When Apple introduced the Macbook, Twitter users and publications were quick to point out that the Macbook has only one port.

Once you see the Macbook up close you will quickly realize that there is simply no space for more than one port. So, the decision that Apple made, came “natural”, I guess.

Personally, I do not see an issue with only having one port in my daily use. However, I did shell out another $99 for the port-adapter, which gives me a HDMI and USB port. Cool thing is that you can charge the Macbook while the port-adapter is in use.

Also, new in the Macbook is the keyboard. It still comes with a full-sized keyboard, one of the reasons why Apple laptops are brilliant.

It definitely feels more “flat” and doesn’t provide the same feedback that you get from the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro line. Apple calls this the “Butterfly mechanism”. It felt a bit awkward at first, but I actually like it a lot. It feels the same as one of the Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard (which I happen to like as well).

In summary, the new Macbook is my new friend and travels with me everywhere. It is the perfect travel companion, light, sturdy and has all you need (if you are not into video or image manipulation on the go).

When Apple introduced the Macbook, I pointed out on Twitter that this machine could be a web-developers best friend. Now, that I have one, I have to say that it truly has become one of the best laptops Apple has ever build.

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