Things we've added in the recent weeks

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Once again, we’ve been busy here at Helpmonks and enhanced our email collaboration platform with many useful features.

Without further due, these are:

Chatra Chat Integration
In addition to the LiveChat plugin, we now also support the Chatra Chat plugin. Just like with LiveChat, you will receive chat transcripts and offline messages in your mailboxes.

Tracking Log
All tracking activities are stored in a log file now. Storing the tracking information helps our customers that need to provide proof that emails are sent and received (for example, for Hippa compliance).

Attachment enhancements
As an administrator, you can now set the maximum size of attachments that users can upload. After the maximum capacity is reached, the editor will not accept further uploads anymore. Additionally, we changed the design of the attachments in the editor a bit.
The print view now contains the size of each attachment, and for clarity, we changed the design a bit, too.

New workflow options
You can now use the workflow with an email domain only, e.g.,, and the workflow will apply to all emails from
Besides, the workflow is now able to search for HTML comments within the email body. Parsing HTML comments enable you to parse commands or form elements within an email with the Helpmonks workflow.

Time zone detection
We detect the time zone you are in and will prompt you to update it if it defers from your settings.

Black and Whitelist
You now have the option to add email addresses to a Black and Whitelist. If you add an email address to a Blacklist, your users will not be able to send it to those users anymore. Likewise, using the Whitelist, allows your users to only send to those email addresses.
The Black and Whitelist feature is available as an account-wide option and also within each mailbox. Our self-hosted customers can also add email addresses to a system-wide Black and Whitelist.

Original message
For each message, there is now an option to view the original raw email. Just click on the “original message” icon. The option to display the original message is available within 30 days of arrival.

Timezone settings
Apart from the already existing time zone setting, the new timezone options add:

  • Set a system-side timezone
  • Set an account-wide timezone
  • Set a time zone for each mailbox
  • The timezone can now also be displayed in the email list (this will show the time zone of the first email that comes in from the customer)
  • Upon composing a new message or reply you can switch the timezone

With these new timezone settings, our customers with a worldwide team can make sure to reply to the customer’s timezone correctly, e.g., for time-sensitive message content (“please reply by tomorrow”).

When you manually forward an email to your mailboxes, it will now send the message back to you in an email notification (useful if you want to add something like a reminder, label, etc.)
When you link messages, it will now create a link in both email conversations.
Upon merging you now have the option to delete the merged conversation at the same time.
You finally don’t get a desktop notification anymore for your replies.

Coming up next
We are almost done with the option to “Group” and “Filter” emails in the email list. This will be a major enhancement and will surely improve your work with your emails.

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