The top 3 mistakes customer service teams make, and how to fix them

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Nobody loves having to go through customer support, not really.

Customer service teams have to adapt and make themselves as available as possible so that every customer has an experience that they are happy with. We like to think that the ongoing customer service is far more critical than the initial meeting between business and consumer. Why? Well, think about it, consistency is vital, and no two experiences should be different for any of your customers.

Inconsistent customer service happens as a result of mistakes in the setup of software and using outdated solutions to try and look after requests. We’ve compiled a list of the three biggest mistakes customer service teams make today and how to fix them.

Mistake number 1: Over-automating procedures

It can seem a great idea on the tin, but automating everything you do for your customer support process can be damaging. Customers want human interaction and someone who can empathize with their problems — a common issue with using a standard ticketing system.

Being assigned a number or support reference is demeaning and downright depressing. As a customer, you want to be addressed by your name and not recall your inquiry or problem repeatedly. A great way to remedy this problem is by using our shared inbox tool, where you can automate the areas that make both your customers and your life easier, instead of just yours.

Mistake number 2: Leaving customers hanging

It doesn’t matter how busy you get; no amount of support requests should look like too much. Even if you have hundreds or thousands of complaints, queries or requests to deal with, your job as the customer service team is to make sure every customer is happy that their case has been resolved or dealt with.

The Helpmonks’ collaboration platform includes a helpful array of priority and assigning tools, so you can make sure every request is caught early by your team. There are no longer lists to deal with, as you’ll have every support request categorized to the right department, whether for sales, technical support, or billing.

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Mistake number 3: Trying to manage too many channels

Every dedicated business owner will actively want to support their customers the best they can when this becomes a problem is when you try to offer more channels of support than you can handle. We find many businesses coming to us with their support systems spanning across multiple services and applications. 

If you’re using a different application for your live chat, email support, and ticketing system, you’re leaving support requests lingering. We recommend bringing these channels into one, so you know where your support requests are coming from in seconds, instead of manually switching between your support channels.

Helpmonks brings this all into one user-friendly platform, where you can use a shared inbox, live chat, To-Dos, a powerful CRM tool, and our new email marketing platform, so you don’t miss a thing.

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