The next step in the Helpmonks email platform journey

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2017 was an incredibly exciting year for us here at Helpmonks. We saw our platform evolve manifold, and many of you became devoted customers.

From the beginning, our mission was to make our collaborative email platform available to every organization.

Following this mission, we are the only shared inbox solution that has a multi-deployment model, i.e., you can use our SaaS edition, deploy Helpmonks on a dedicated server or use the on-premise version on your private cloud.

Furthermore, we do not charge per user, but only per mailbox. This model enabled many of our clients to switch from other (pricey) solutions to Helpmonks.

At the end of 2017, we introduced new plans with several new plugins, e.g., Trello, LiveChat, Customer Satisfaction Rating, Custom Applications, and so forth.

Many changes and enhancements have been driven by the feedback of our customers.

The progression of our product together with what we believe a collaborative email platform should be is what’s leading us toward an exciting new vision for what we plan to do with Helpmonks.

Today, I’m excited to share an early look at the future of Helpmonks.

Online sales tool

As your whole team already uses a shared mailbox in Helpmonks, it makes only sense to provide you with a tool to sell better and with more information.

Everything you need to win the deal is hiding in your email conversations. Helpmonks CRM captures all of your deals and extends your shared mailbox into a full-featured CRM for your team. A single, powerful sales tool at any time, anywhere.

You can create pipelines, stages, and deals right within the Helpmonks sidebar of each conversation. Each lead is connected to one or multiple email conversations. Of course, within a lead, you can create tasks and assign them to different people, leave notes and set reminders too.

Helpmonks CRM — online sales tool in your inbox

We believe that the Helpmonks CRM will empower a lot of our customers to do more with their emails as it is the perfect companion for every team that is customer driven.

The Helpmonks CRM is already available in Beta to all Helpmonks users. You can enable it, under the “Plugins” page in your account. Ultimately, it will be made available in our “Go further” plan for $39/month per mailbox.

Automated marketing tool

In line with the Helpmonks CRM, we believe that the Helpmonks automated marketing tool will be a game-changer for our customers.

Automated marketing emails, some call them behavioral emails or event-driven emails, are emails that are fully automated and keep your customers engaged with your service. For example, event-driven emails help your sales funnel to send out an email when your users do a specific action within your application or website. Event-driven emails are a proven way to increase customer interactions and are indispensable for any company that wants to sell more.

Our vision is that you can put any email conversation into a “funnel” that will automatically follow-up with the customer. An example of such a “funnel” would be a scenario in which a customer signs-up for one of your services and you want to email them every few days with some tips.

The automated email marketing campaign tool is the natural extension to the Helpmonks email collaboration platform. As you already manage all your customer conversations in Helpmonks, turning a conversation into an event-driven email campaign will be seamless.

We are planning to make this available in the coming months.

Groups / Team feature

As more and more customers take to Helpmonks, we see the need to provide a tool to allow teams to work as a group.

The group feature will enable the creation of “Groups” and assign multiple mailboxes to that group. Furthermore, the team will also have a unified view to manage all emails at once.

Moreover, emails can be assigned to a group, too.

We are already hard at work on this and are hopeful to make the group feature available in the coming two months.

More integration’s

Even with Helpmonks gaining a lot of useful features out of the box, we understand that many of our customers want to continue using their system. To that end, we will extend out plugins even further. Here is a list of plugins we are building:

ToDoIst is one of the favorite To-Do managers. The Helpmonks integration will make it easy to put those emails on your to-do list and get things done.

While native plugins are great, we can never satisfy all systems. This is where the Zapier integration comes in. Zapier built a nifty system to integrate with over 500 other applications.

No introduction is needed for MailChimp. With the MailChimp plugin, you will be able to manage the mailing list and user association right within Helpmonks.

More to come

The above list outlines some of the enhancements that will shape Helpmonks for the future. However, this is not everything.

We invite you to jump over to the Helpmonks Roadmap and Helpmonks forums to participate in making Helpmonks the product you love and want to use.

Your feedback is valuable

The above introductions are just the beginning. We plan to keep evolving the functionality of Helpmonks as well as introducing new products to meet our customers’ requirements.

We would be thrilled if you’d like to help move us in the right direction. Feel free to comment below with any thoughts or contact us directly.

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