The custom fields plugin just became more useful

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One of our most used and one of my favorite plugins for Helpmonks is the Custom Fields plugins.

With the custom field plugin, you can add any additional information to an email conversation, a company record, or to a user.

Now, with the just added functionality, you can also set specific custom fields to show in the email list. That’s correct. You can display any custom field value in any of the email lists.

Helpmonks — Show any of your custom fields in the email list

Showing custom field values becomes especially useful, as you can also add a custom field to a user. For example, a user might have a unique value that you and your team identifies the user. Now, whenever this user emails your shared mailbox, you will see that custom field value in the list view.

Helpmonks — Add a custom field value to a customer

We think this is a mighty great feature that surely will enhance your teams’ productivity manifold.

Showing a custom field value in the email list is already available to all users of the “BLISS” plan and above.

What’s next

We are very close to releasing the much anticipated “Grouping and Filtering” of an email list. Stay tuned for a release and announcement not far from now.

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