Takeaways from the Open Source Business Conference

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Over at the Ostatic blog, there’s a post with a rundown of the things they thought were most interesting at the Open Source Business Conference that took place in San Francisco.

The post is a must read for those interested in Open Source. Especially, the Presentation by Drupal Founder entitled “The secrets of building and participating in open source communities“.

Here are some quotes that the 451 group caught during the event, which I liked the most;

“If we have a better product, and it happens to be open source, we’re going to win. But it has to be in that order”.

“The best business plans are disruptive at the market level, but not at the adoption level”.

“The further up the stack you go the less need there is for the source code”.

“Open source development communities are always a bit broken. Dysfunction is normal.”

“Our biggest competitor is not Microsoft, it’s not Novell, it’s people stopping paying us for support”.

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