SLA and company editing received some love today

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One of the best kept secrets of Helpmonks is that you can group your customers into companies and even assign Service-Level-Agreements (SLA) to these companies. Anyone who deals with support agreements knows that this feature alone is worth a lot for any service oriented usage of Helpmonks.

Today we are pleased to let you know that we enhanced the use of SLA’s and interacting with companies.

Here are the changes that are already active in your Helpmonks account.

Once in a while it can happen that a message falls through the cracks. However, now and if the conversation is under a SLA, any message that has not received a reply from your team will be marked in a different colour in the list. Furthermore, we changed the colours of SLA conversations to highlight them better in the email list.

Assigning a SLA to a company

Just like before you can assign any SLA to any company. But now you also have a quick link to edit the SLA right from the company’s detail page. Additionally, within the SLA page you will see which companies are using the SLA and quickly jump to those companies, too. This will make it a lot easier to work with SLA’s.

Adding users to a company

Last but not least, you can now assign existing users to a company with one click. Simply edit which domains, i.e. email address domains, are associated with the company and click on the link to associate existing users to the company.

We are sure that you will like these changes as in our own use we already seen that this enhanced our own workflow.

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