Several Helpmonks updates that will help you and your team to work faster

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve made several updates to Helpmonks. Some are new options, and some are changes to the user interface of Helpmonks to help you work faster. I’ve listed some of the highlights.

Re-designed mailbox settings pages
We’ve completely re-designed the mailbox settings and moved from a tab-based navigation to list navigation in the left sidebar. Not only is this in line with the rest of the Helpmonks interface, but it also provides room for further settings.

Furthermore, the re-design also speeds up the loading of each settings section manifold.

Helpmonks new mailbox settings page

(The beautiful color in this screen shot is a custom designed color. Did you know that you can give each mailbox its own color, yes? Head over to “Customization” to color your mailbox now.)

Loading the editor faster
Speaking of performance, we’ve further streamlined our code for loading the editor, you should now see a performance improvement while composing a new message or reply, i.e. the editor will load within milliseconds.

Design updates to the Email listing page
We’ve made several subtle user interface changes to the email listing page.

First and likely the most important change is that we now show the date of the last email received or sent, instead of the date of the last modification to the email, such as assignment or status change.

We have also changed the icon for notes and now display the tracked status and the note icon before the subject.

Showing tracked status and notes icon before the subject now

(Yes, you can also color labels…)

Showing actions and status messages more dominantly
So far, we haven’t given much love to status and action messages in the detail view. Though, this is now a thing of the past. With this update, status and action messages are given the proper recognition by showing them beautifully in the detail view.

New actions and status messages design

These are just some of the highlights of our recent updates. We invite you to visit our public Helpmonks Roadmap to see what else is new in this release. Oh, and you can vote on new features on the Helpmonks Roadmap, too.

Last but not least, for our self-hosted customers, this release will bump up the version to 1.5.2. Please go ahead and update your on-premise Helpmonks installation now.

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