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We are very excited to announce that “Reminders” — one of my favourite feature — is now available in Helpmonks.

Add a reminder to an email and don’t lose track of important conversations. Reminders are an excellent tool for a cleaner inbox for you and your team.

Setting a reminder is straight forward. Simply select an email and choose one of the available reminder times or set your own date and time. On the reminders date and time, Helpmonks will return the message back into your inbox.

The HelpMonks application has been updated and the reminders are already available to you.

Note: Please update your time zone setting of your profile section so that reminders get sent in your time zone!

What is HelpMonks

HelpMonks is simply the best way to keep your customer service team up-to-date with an intelligent email inbox management service. HelpMonks is currently in Beta (you can apply for the beta program at and will be made available through our hosted platform and as a self-hosted service.

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