How to keep your team together while working from home

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Don’t be surprised if your country shuts down again, and you are required to work from home once more. We are in a new chapter now, where working from home/remote working is considered normal.

The office is dead – If you rely on an office for all of your work, you can’t provide the flexibility your staff need, and you can’t scale up your workforce as quickly when it is most needed.

The best thing you can do to keep your team together in these changing times is to invest in cloud infrastructure. The cloud is an online-based hosting location where organizations small and large can conveniently store things like emails, data, files, websites, applications, and user profiles in secure remote data centers.

What’s more, cloud storage and cloud collaboration tools make it far easier for your staff to access their emails, CRM tools, and company files. All data sync to the cloud so that everyone within your company can access the same information anywhere.

You may have heard of tools like OneDrive and DropBox – These are some of the great essential cloud storage tools, that often overlap for business and personal use. You can use their free versions and scale up to paid subscriptions, where you will be able to store many GB of files within the cloud.

Cloud-based collaboration is equally as important. It would be best if you had a tool for your staff to exchange messages instantly. Although emails are based in the cloud, internal emails are redundant and inefficient, but for some reason, companies continue to live with this.

Collaboration through chat is instant and includes file sharing, calendar invites, photo, file and link sharing, fun additions like GIFs and emojis, and anything else you think will enhance a digital conversation. You should be able to chat with your colleagues like this, but you should be able to do the same for your customers.

Collaboration tools can come built with live chat features, as well as dedicated CRM tools. These features can be accessed from a desktop, a mobile, or a tablet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the move, cloud collaboration works for you when you need to message either a colleague or one of your customers.

A great start to your investment in cloud collaboration should come in the form of a shared inbox. Here at Helpmonks, our shared inbox tool allows you to track requests, complaints, queries, email chains, and conversations at any time, from any device. A shared inbox brings all of your email conversations into a synced portal, where emails can be assigned to staff, anywhere, anytime.

Helpmonks offers both a live chat feature for your website and helpful CRM tools, which can update your full team about the latest customer interactions and log them accordingly. Helpmonks doesn’t only keep you organized, but it keeps your procedures flexible. 

Get your staff working with a shared inbox from anywhere. All that is necessary is a login, a quick start-up guide, and they’ll be able to sync into the latest conversations, tasks, and deadlines, from the moment they get online.

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