Razuna Digital Asset Management module for Drupal

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Sometimes here at Razuna, we’re reminded of why we offer open source digital asset management to people around the world. And this week, was one of those wonderful occasions. We received an email from Mandar Harkare, who told us that he had developed a Dupal module for Razuna.

He even offered to do a demo, so we set up a Gotomeeting session with him, where he went through the module. How it connects to Razuna, which libraries need to be activated etc. Since we’re no Drupal experts, we were duly impressed with everything he did and said.

Of course — we were mostly impressed with the actual integration. Type in Razuna URL and API key and you’re practically good to go.

The main idea behind the Drupal module is of course, that teams and businesses that use Razuna for managing their files often need to use the images or videos directly on their web site. So, instead of having to upload to Drupal, you can upload to Razuna and use them online. This is similar to what we’ve seen with the WordPress plugin, the Magento extension etc.

Most of all, it just pleases me that Mandar on his own time and dime went out and developed an integration module for Drupal.

As part of the demo, we were able to comment on the module and offer advice on what we believe should be the next features that Mandar should implement.

The current version is a relatively rudimentary version, but it already has the main features in place; connect to Razuna DAM and upload directly to Razuna.

From what I understand, Mandar’s next features will be to allow the Drupal user to search Razuna and use existing Razuna assets directly in Drupal articles, pages etc.

The Razuna DAM Project on Drupal

If you’d like to try the new Drupal module or even help Mandar make it better, please take a look at the Razuna module page on Drupal. I’m sure Mandar would appreciate both comments and assistance. And — if you need someone to integrate Razuna and Drupal for you, maybe shoot him an email and ask.

So to sum up. On days like these, when people like Mandar shows up in my mailbox, it really is rewarding to be in a company that provides open source to the world.

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