Razuna approved as qualified DAM software vendor

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Even though it may come as surprise to few, Razuna is actually a digital asset management (DAM) software. And now, it’s kind of official.

The 10 Core Characteristics of a DAM system

In May 2014, the DAM foundation finished laying the groundwork for a list of 10 core characteristics that define DAM software. The reason for agreeing on the characteristics has been that many software vendors of varying quality used the term DAM (Digital Asset Management) for their software. The work was based on an article published in April 2014 by Elisabeth Keanley.

Following the decision on the 10 characteristics that defines a DAM system, the DAM Foundation developed an evaluation process, whereby vendors, claiming to be DAM systems, could be evaluated and either approved — or rejected as such. This evaluation process has been conducted over the past few months.

Razuna passed the DAM test

The test was conducted as a blind test, whereby we were sent (only a few minutes prior to the demo) a list of assets, which we needed to import (ingest), tag, convert, index etc. in our system. The idea behind this was that with the limited time for preparation (read: no time for preparation), we couldn’t stage a demo but actually had to have a DAM application that worked.

We are not clear how many were tested, but the end result being that 16 DAM vendors passed the certification.

You can read more about the DAM Foundation and the 10 characteristics for a DAM system on their website.

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