Razuna 1.8.6 is now available

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Hot on the heels of Razuna 1.8.5, we are releasing today a small update — Razuna 1.8.6.

Razuna 1.8.6 contains the following fixes and enhancements:

  • While the quick search always supported adding a “*” to a word to find files which contain your search term, it was never really possible to find exact phrases. With Razuna 1.8.6, the search is now intelligent enough to find exact phrases if you just enter a search term.
  • The new approval process, introduced in Razuna 1.8.5, contained a bug that would apply the approval process to every host in the host and also display all files of all hosts in each approval area.
  • The search API would throw an error with the parameter dbdirect=true.

As always, Razuna 1.8.6 is available at https://razuna.com for your immediately pleasure. Customers on our hosted platform have already been upgraded to the latest release.

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