Razuna 1.8.2 is now available

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Razuna 1.8.2 and the latest version of the search server is now available. Razuna 1.8.2 contains these important changes:

Search Enhancements
Locally stored documents are now indexed again, i.e. Razuna 1.8.2 features again the full body text of documents.
Furthermore, the search for content of custom fields has been greatly enhanced.

Upload of file with the API for AWS S3 storage
An issue has been fixed that prevented large files to be properly uploaded to AWS S3.

While Razuna 1.8.2 only contains the above changes, we recommend users to update at their earliest convenience, especially if you have custom fields.

If you are still on Razuna 1.7 or earlier we strongly encourage you to update to Razuna 1.8.2 as it contains over 200 new features and major enhancements.

As always you can download Razuna over at https://razuna.com

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