Entrepreneur Launches Product to Disrupt Email Management for Teams

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Nitai Aventaggiato — a serial entrepreneur who is also the founder of Razuna — announced today that he has launched his sixth company called Helpmonks. The promise of Helpmonks is to disrupt the email management space for teams.

“When you come to think of it, you will undoubtedly see that a lot of companies have created products to support email communication and have provided various solutions to handle the flow of emails. However, many of those approaches are only for use in the personal email space”, says Nitai Aventaggiato. “I wanted to create something similar for team emails, especially since sharing an inbox requires more collaboration between members than just replying to or forwarding an email”.

You can think of Helpmonks as an advanced “shared inbox”, with the additional capability of having your emails available and manageable at a central location, where all communications with your customers are searchable, archivable and retrievable — sort of like a cockpit for all your communications.

“Essentially, our solution acts as a smart repository for all team emails”, says Nitai.

From the very beginning, Helpmonks positioned itself as an email solution for creating shared inboxes for teams. The goal of Helpmonks is not to replace a ticketing system, helpdesk or CRM but instead to complement existing stacks. “We wanted to avoid dictating the current workflows of our users, and instead make Helpmonks integrate with their established procedures”, says Nitai. Contrary to its competitors, Helpmonks allows its customers to continue using their current tools and email clients.

“To allow Helpmonks to integrate with other software we built it with a plugin architecture in mind. Plugins help to simplify many tasks of our users. For example our Github plugin allows a user to generate a related ticket with one click from any email in Helpmonks”, says Denise McCort, Co-Founder and Software Architect, “With the open plugin architecture anyone can develop their own plugins, thus allowing Helpmonks to be integrated with any system.”

Helpmonks is completely invisible to the end user. Clients continue sending emails to the same address (info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, etc.). Helpmonks simply hooks into this process. Helpmonks will then email team members when a new message or a reply arrives, as well as take care of background organization tasks (creating a user record, archiving the message, etc.). The team can then converse on these email conversations with internal notes, assignments, reminders and other collaborative tools.

Additionally, Helpmonks features a workflow engine that automates tasks such as assigning emails to team members, filtering messages, setting labels and more. Last but not least, the application will enable users to set a reminder for any message, manually or through a workflow, to ensure that they never miss replying in a timely manner to their most important emails.

The team even added the ability to specify Service Level Agreements (SLA). Helpmonks can recognize incoming emails from companies with a current SLA and automatically set reminders, notes or assignees for example.

Many actions can be executed directly in the email reply using email commands. By using email commands a user can set reminders, assign an email to a team member, add notes or labels from any email client they currently use.

The newly launched product, which has been in beta testing for over a year, launches this month.

Helpmonks sees itself geared towards small businesses and enterprises. In addition to Helpmonks being a hosted solution, it offers a standalone cloud server installation and also has the option to be deployed on-premise, something that companies with strict in-house policies appreciate.

Helpmonks is free for qualifying open source and non-profit projects.

About Helpmonks Helpmonks is a startup formed by Nitai Aventaggiato and Denise McCort who are both passionate about developing software for companies to enhance their team collaboration. Both founders have extensive experience developing Enterprise-level software. Helpmonks is available as a hosted solution or on-premise installation. Interested parties can sign up for an account at https://helpmonks.com.

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