Overhauled responsive mobile experience for Helpmonks

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We know that many of our customers use Helpmonks on their mobile devices. While we do not have a native application yet (we are planning to release something in 2017) we just enhanced our current responsive design. So much so, that the responsive mobile experience is on par with the desktop.

While our previous responsive mobile experience was already enhanced we now made it possible that you can now use every aspect of Helpmonks with the responsive mobile design, i.e. you can do everything within your phones browser.

For a better navigation experience, we’ve added the mailbox name the status in the top navigation. Furthermore, we’ve added a “breadcrumb” on top of the conversation, giving you a quick access to go back to the status list.

In addition, we also moved all the actions into a “More actions” drop-down menu. Within that menu you can assign, move, change the status or assign labels to the conversation.

As replying or leaving a note is one of the most used actions we left these at a prominent spot. Tough, we adjusted the editor to match the smaller screen estate of the mobile experience.

All in all, we believe that these enhancements help you to be even more productive with Helpmonks. The updated mobile experience is already live and can be used by browsing to your Helpmonks account in the web browser of your mobile device right now.

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