Oui oui, c'est vrai… French is now available in Helpmonks

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As we welcome more and more customers to Helpmonks each month, we also broaden our international presence. As of today, we have customers in the USA, Germany, India, Brazil, Italy, UK (you guys really love Helpmonks), Luxembourg, Belgium, France, etc

It was just a matter of time, until our interface would be available in another language than English. Thus with some excitement we are happy to announce that Helpmonks is now available in French!

As browser language detection has been built into Helpmonks from the start, it was simply a matter of a mere seconds to enable the French translation for all users of Helpmonks.

If you too, would like to switch to the French interface you can do this at anytime within the user drop down. There you can also switch back to English or any other language (as they become available).

At this point I want to give a big shout out to Michel Laurent, a Helpmonks user, who took the time and energy to translate Helpmonks from English into French. Thank you, Michel.

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