New sidebar options, improved dark theme, enhanced log view, and more

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I hope everyone is doing great out there. Here at Helpmonks, we are getting ready to reveal our new website soon, along with new prices. Also, our SMS and WhatsApp integration is coming real soon.

In the meantime, we have some exciting updates for you. Without further due, these are:

Improved sidebar options

As previously available, you can collapse the sidebar quickly to get more room for your emails. However, we now extended it so that when you hover over the collapse icon or move your mouse into the left upper corner, it will show your mail folders and labels within a floating side panel. Oh, and while we were at it, we added the option to collapse the whole label section.

We used to have a similar concept in our previous design iterations but improved it for the new design (if you are using the "older design," you can check out the new one by signing into and start using it).

I'm sure many of you with a smaller screen resolution will find this helpful as you now have more room for your email messages.

Speaking of smaller screen resolutions, we also made changes to the font sizes and heights of the main navigation, headers, and other sections if you browse your team emails with a screen resolution of 1400 pixels and below.

Helpmonks new sidebar option

Improved dark theme

Our new design also features a gorgeous dark theme. While the dark theme was always available, some sections didn't look right, e.g., composing a new message showed it a glaring white, and some of the drop-down options didn't display correctly.

Of course, that didn't compel you to continue using the dark theme if some of the core components burned your eyes out, and it also didn't live up to our standard. That said, I'm happy to report that all elements of Helpmonks support the dark theme 100% now.

Helpmonks dark theme

Enhanced log view

One of our customers reached out last week stating that she likes the new log view; however, she would like to see every interaction, not just core actions.

We thought this made complete sense, and it is also an excellent idea to see everything at once (no idea what we thought when we did the first iteration).

With that, we present the new log view that shows now every interaction of the whole email thread.

Helpmonks email log view

The little things all over

As we are working daily with and on Helpmonks (yes, we use the same system as you), we naturally have a very active feedback panel (please feel free to send us your requests or comments).

We do numerous minor enhancements during a week or month, and it's not out of the ordinary that we have over a hundred feedback posts resolved in a month. Listing all of them here is out of scope. Thus here are some of the highlights of the past weeks.


Our investment of the recent six months has come into action as we deployed a bunch of brand new caching technologies. The new architecture manifests in the form of looking up contacts which used to take, in worst cases, a couple of seconds to now a few milliseconds. Furthermore, browsing within Helpmonks is faster with all kinds of nifty tricks. Yep, Magic!

SLA customer highlights

We gave all those customers of yours that are your VIPs a nice shiny medal icon—no more excuses for you to skip that SLA.

A new color picker

Instead of the browser's default color picker (some of them are pretty ugly), we added a new one that conforms throughout the system.

Helpmonks new color picker

Surprisingly, one of our favorite features didn't make it into the new design. Shame on us, but now we are guilt free as you got the "link to the chat" back for any incoming chat transcript.

Fixed: Email campaign content

We made many improvements to our email campaigns over the last few weeks. However, we embarrassingly also introduced a bug that prevented the saving of any changed content from within the email campaign. Ouch! Though after the beating, we got it fixed.

Fixed: Inline images removed or not?

Another fix in the embarrassment category (some more beating commenced) was that we did not remove an image from the message when you copied and pasted it directly into the message editor.

What's next?

Our SMS and WhatsApp integration is almost ready for prime time. Our knowledge base is also prepared, and we plan to reach out to some of you to get started (let us know if you are interested in this so we can connect). Also, within the next two months, you will find the new file browser to be available.

That's it for now. Enjoy the summer. As always, feedback is welcomed.

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