New: Labels for your customer records

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We are thrilled to announce the availability of labels for your customer records. Just as with emails, you are now able to filter customers by labels and organize them the way you want.

While this might sound trivial at first, the benefit of labeling your customer records will show when you are looking for someone specific or want to filter the type of customer. Besides, tagging your customer records will allow you to segment them for later usage, e.g., when we release the Helpmonks Email Marketing Platform that will enable targeting customers by labels.

We’ve made labeling your customer records straightforward. First, you create the label, and then select the records and apply the labels. Just as with the labels for emails, you can create as many labels as you like in a tree-like function. If you don’t want to use the web app to label your records, you can use the updated export and import option that will now contain the labels as well.

Furthermore, we also added a new API method to label customer records programmatically. Moreover, you can also use the workflows to add or remove one or many labels automatically. With workflows you can easily label your customer records, e.g., categorize certain email addresses or segment customers.

We think that tagging your customers will benefit you and your team to identify customers even better. Therefore, the option to label customer records is available to all our customers, independent of their plans.

Look for the new Label-section the next time you navigate to the Customer & Companies page and start organizing your customers the way you like.

What’s next?

As hinted in a previous post, we are working on the Live-Chat module and the new Email Marketing Platform. The Live-Chat is already deployed, and you might have seen that we use it on our website and within Helpmonks. Additionally, we will introduce the option to move emails to labels shortly! As always, check out our public RoadMap and let us know what you think.

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