New: Knowledge Base with enhanced Live Chat Widget

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We are incredibly excited to announce the immediate availability of our latest product offering - a complete knowledge base tool with chat widget integration.

The Helpmonks knowledge base platform features many unique features like a dedicated "Announcement" section, the option to create your navigation, categories with sub-categories, several design customizations, e.g., adding an image to your category or a custom icon, and much more. Besides, you can create public sites or an internal knowledge base site only.

Of course, each site features a blazing fast search engine, is fully optimized for SEO, and works on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. Moreover, with the built-in analytics, you get real-time updates on the usage of your documentation sites.

Last but not least, we integrated the docs into our chat widget. Thus, you can provide direct support by adding the chat widget to (any) of your sites.

The Helpmonks knowledge base is available to all customers of Helpmonks.

Our knowledge base product update page (made with the new Helpmonks knowledge base) outlines it in more detail.

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