New in Helpmonks: Search enhancements

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At Helpmonks we search for emails a lot. I’m sure you do, too. To this end, we added an “Advanced search” in Helpmonks from the very beginning. However, in order to get to it, you had to search for something first. Clearly, this wasn’t cutting it.

Now, we’ve given the “Advanced search” the place it deserves. In addition to the normal search, you can execute an “Advanced search” right from the top navigation.

This is a subtle but quite substantial change. It enables you to find your email conversations faster and more precisely as you can find, e.g., email conversations with a certain label with one click.

Helpmonks — the new advanced search

The “Advanced Search” is already available to all customers on the “BLISS” plan.

What’s next?

We are close to releasing our new option — “IMAP sync” soon. IMAP sync will automatically put all outgoing emails into your “sent” folder on your IMAP server.

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