New in Helpmonks: Resize the sidebar

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Inspired by our recent visit to one of our customers where some of the users worked on older computers with lower resolutions, we embarked on a journey to provide more screen real-estate in Helpmonks.

The result of this, among some other UI enhancements, is that you can now resize the sidebar.

As you can see, you can collapse the sidebar, so it stays out of your way. Of course, you will still see the count of unread messages and have a convenient way to access your labels quickly, too. Furthermore, your choice to browse our shared inbox with the collapsed sidebar will be stored throughout Helpmonks.

In addition to the resizable sidebar, we’ve also made some other UI updates. For example, your custom color for each mailbox is now also reflected in the search panel.

As always, please have a look at the public Helpmonks RoadMap to participate in the active open development of Helpmonks.

What’s next

The Helpmonks Groups / Workgroups feature is done and we are looking forward to releasing it soon. Also, our new website is going live any time. Stay tuned.

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