New in Helpmonks — October 2017

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The last few weeks have been busy here at Helpmonks. We all gathered for a team meeting in Germany, spent a great time together and also managed to release many new options to enhance your productivity in Helpmonks.

Here are some of the highlights:

Sorting is now available in all list views. You can now sort by all available columns, e.g., the sender, subject, assignee, and more.

Helpmonks sorting

Labels show counts too
We finally indicate the number of unanswered emails in the labels, also. This was one of the most requested features.

Helpmonks label count

We’ve made a small change, whereas the search only shows messages that are not in the Spam or Trash folders by default. Though, you still have the option to include these emails with one click.

Helpmonks search within spam and trash

Option to copy saved-replies and workflows between mailboxes
Here is another time saver, you can now copy your saved-replies and workflows between your mailboxes.

Helpmonks — copy saved=replies or workflows between mailboxes

Redundant emails
Sometimes, customers will CC you in addition to the general mailbox address. While we can’t prevent users to CC you, we will now remove your email-address upon replies. This new behavior will avoid multiple emails and help to cut down on your emails.

Along the same lines, there is now a new option to remove the source email-address, that some providers put in the CC, when you forward emails to your Helpmonks mailbox(es).

As always you can find all changes over in our public RoadMap. There you can also vote on features and comment.

Next up
We are working on a new website and hope to share it with you all real soon.

Also, we are working on a brand new exciting feature that will enhance your interaction with customers manifold. We are not ready to say more at this point but are hopeful to do so in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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