New in Helpmonks: More options when you reply or compose a new message

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We’ve been very busy lately here at Helpmonks and I’m happy to announce a few new features today.

Action after a reply
The option to either “stay in the current conversation, “jump back to the list” or “go to the next conversation” has been one of the most requested features. As of immediately, this option is now available to all Helpmonks users.

Actions after replying in Helpmonks

Quickly compose another message
Sometimes you need to send more than one message at a time. With the new “Send and compose another” button you can do just that.

New actions for composing a message in Helpmonks

Set the status upon a reply or when composing a new message
In addition to the new features above, you can now also set the “Status” while sending a reply or composing a new message. This for sure, is a big time-saver, especially when you want to reply quickly and be done with it.

Configure how many replies to quote when sending a reply to your customers
In the past, we simply quoted the last message from the customer when you replied. However, sometimes you might want to include the whole conversation. This is now possible, with the new “Configure how many replies to quote” setting. You can configure this in the mailbox settings.

The new features are already available to all Helpmonks users. We think, that the new features will help you to reply to your customers better and faster. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

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