New in Helpmonks: More insight into your conversations and user performance

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Having conversations over email is one of the most common forms how people from all nations communicate with each other. For companies of all kinds, an email is an essential tool to sell their services and products or to support their customers.

Here at Helpmonks, the collaboration email platform of choice for over 2000 organizations, we think a lot about how we can help our customers to work more efficiently with their email communication in our shared inboxes. To that end, we’ve released many powerful features in the past and soon will release a brand new way of working with emails efficiently (stay tuned!).

While we are continually enhancing the product (and do not write about each new option each time), we just introduced two new options to gain more insights into your email conversations:

Conversation statistics

We always showed a summary of each email conversation in the individual user report, but now we are also bringing this relevant insight to each conversation directly.

Helpmonks — Conversation statistics

From now on, you can see at a glance how many of your team members replied to a conversation and what the average response time is for your customer and your team.

Performance insight directly in the user account

Helpmonks — User statistics

Getting insight into your own performance or the performance of a team member is another metrics that help your organization to get a handle on all the email conversations to your shared inboxes. Our “User Activity” report is a great way to get a quick overview of the performance of your team and has quickly proven to be one of the most loved features of Helpmonks.

Based on this, we are taking the summary of each users’ performance and display it right in the users account detail page, also. Additionally, you can directly navigate to each user’s entire report within the page.

Coming soon

As hinted above, we are working on a new way that will allow you to work through your email workload faster. Also, our team / workgroup feature will soon be available. As always you can follow the Helpmonks public Roadmap where you can also vote on features.

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