New in Helpmonks: Merge and link conversations

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Good news. You can now merge conversations in Helpmonks. Also, there is an option to link to other email conversations. With merging and linking you now have a powerful tool to combine email messages over different threads. Even with messages in other mailboxes.

Merge conversations

Merging conversations is easy. You can either merge a conversation by clicking on one of the recent conversations in the sidebar. When you click on a recent conversation, a new popup window will give you a quick glance at the messages in that email thread. From here, you can either merge the conversation, link to it, go to the customer’s record or even search for another conversation.

Helpmonks — Merge or link a conversation

Linking conversations

By linking a conversation, you can make it easy for you and your co-workers to see different email threads in one conversation. All linked conversations will show up in the right sidebar and are just a click away.

We’ve made it easy to link a conversation. Just click on the “Merge/link conversation” button in the right sidebar, and a new popup window will let you quickly search for any conversation across all your mailboxes.

Helpmonks — quickly search emails to merge or link them

Merging and linking of conversation is now available to all users of Helpmonks.

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