New in Helpmonks: Mark messages as answered/unanswered

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As Helpmonks is a system to collaborate on team email conversations the “read” and “unread” behavior is a bit different from your email client.

It doesn’t help if Helpmonks would mark messages as “read” when your team members need to see those emails as well. That’s why the “read” and “unread” behavior works as such that the email conversation becomes “read” when the conversation received a reply from your team.

However, there are circumstances where an email conversation doesn’t warrant a response, e.g. notification or status emails.

For those emails, you now have the option to mark those emails as “answered”/”unanswered”.

The option lives in the “Status” menu drop-down and is available in the list and the conversation view.

Additionally, the option to mark messages as “answered”/”unanswered” is also available as an “action” in your workflows, i.e. mark those notification emails as “read” and they will also not count towards your total inbox count anymore.

To be able to mark your messages as “answered”/”unanswered” is just one of the many improvements coming your way. Follow us on here or on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest updates.

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