New in Helpmonks: Labels are now also folders

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We are very excited to announce our latest new feature for your shared mailbox in Helpmonks – your labels are now also folders. Having labels act as folders means that you can move emails to a label and are no longer limited to the default folders.

Moving one or many emails is as simple as tagging a conversation. As a fact, right next to the tagging option, you now have a new move option.

Move any email quickly into a folder

Once an email is moved, it only appears under its label. The moved conversation will still be assigned and will also keep all its other properties. The move option is available throughout the system and always accessible.

Emails that are moved to a label appear alongside other conversations in that label. Hence, there is little change for you and your team and nothing new learn. Besides, if an email is in another folder than the default ones, we will let you know with a small hint.

In addition to moving emails within Helpmonks, we’ve also made this possible within the workflows. Hence, you can check if an email is located in a specific folder (label) and can move emails to a folder based on a rule automatically.

Apply workflows in Helpmonks to move emails

The option to move emails in your shared inbox is available to all customers of Helpmonks. Customers of our dedicated cloud servers will receive the update in the coming days. All customers of the self-hosted Helpmonks can download the update already.

What’s next?

As some of you might already know, we are hard at work on our very own Live-Chat. Btw: our Live-Chat will be available to all customers, independent of their plan!

In addition to the Live-Chat, we are also working on a new Email Marketing Platform that will tightly integrate into Helpmonks. Not only will you be able to send Email Campaigns to your users, but it will also have an automated Campaign functionality.

We will soon publish some more information as we get closer to a release date. We think the Live-Chat, together with the new Email Marketing Platform, will become a “Game-Changer” for Helpmonks as it will enable our customers to turn to one solution for their email needs.

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