New in Helpmonks: Enhanced options for forwarding emails

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We just released a very exciting update for Helpmonks — the option to include all attachments (or not) upon forwarding an email. In addition, you can now also choose which messages to include in the forwarded email.

Include all attachments upon forwarding

Previously, we only sent attachments newly added attachments when forwarding a message. For earlier replies with attachments, we included links to the attachments in the notification. However, now you have an option to either send all attachments of the email conversation or simply include the links.

We’ve made this a general setting (Administration / General Configuration). You can override this setting within each individual mailbox setting. Additionally, you can even select/de-select this option in the message dialog itself.

Remove messages upon forwarding

Also new, is the ability to remove certain replies from the email conversation when forwarding an email. When beginning a forward in Helpmonks, next to each reply you will now see a “remove” icon. Of course, you can include the message again with a simple click.

As always we would like to thank our awesome Helpmonks community for their ongoing support and requests.

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way real soon.

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