New in Helpmonks: Download all attachments and a new “Pending” status

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Summer is slowly ending, most people are back at work, and the Helpmonks team has some exciting new features lined up. Here are the first ones;

Download all attachments

We know many have been waiting for this feature, i.e., an option to download all attachments at once. Wait no more; then as of right now, you have it available the next time you sign in to your Helpmonks account.

Helpmonks — download all attachments

New “Pending” status

While the current statuses and labels, meet the requirement of most organizations team email workflow, we received several comments that there should be a status to “hold” messages. We agree.

Hence from here in forth, you will find the new “Pending” status in your status list on the dashboard and in the right sidebar of your mailboxes.

As with any other status, you can choose the “Pending” status from the status menu and also use the “#pending” email command.

Helpmonks — Pending status

Thank you

As you might have noticed from the above two features, these have been added based on the feedback from you, our customers. We are grateful for all our customers and hope these improvements make your daily work in Helpmonks more effective. Not yet a customer of Helpmonks? Try it Helpmonks for free for 30-days now.

What’s next?

As mentioned in our previous post, we are about to release IMAP sync for your Helpmonks mailboxes. Stay tuned.

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