New in Helpmonks: Color your mailboxes

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The benefit of a system like Helpmonks is that you and your team have full transparency over all incoming email conversations, including a 360-degree insight into the customers’ past and current interactions with the company, be it in the sales, support or customer service department.

However, if you have more than five mailboxes under your control it sometimes can be challenging to differentiate them quickly. Now, with the option to color your current mailbox is done with ease.

Helpmonks color your mailbox

You can choose from one of the predefined color’s or create your own with the color palette.

The color of your mailbox will also be reflected on your dashboard.

Helpmonks Dashboard compact view

The option to color your mailbox is available to all users. Go check it out and let us know what your favorite color is.

What is Helpmonks all about?

Helpmonks helps you and your team to collaborate on emails to your shared email address, e.g. It’s not a ticketing system and lets you stay personal in your email replies to your customers.

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