Now available: EU data center for Helpmonks email management platform

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We are pleased to inform you about our latest service update. As part of our expansion plans for our email management software, we have successfully launched a new data center in the EU region. This new facility is specifically designed to meet the growing demands of our clients, providing them with a more secure, dependable, and efficient email hosting solution for their data.

With this new data center, our clients can now exclusively store their data in the EU region, giving them greater control and peace of mind. The Helpmonks team has worked diligently to ensure that this facility meets the highest security, reliability, and performance standards.

Understanding the importance of data privacy and compliance, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure that our new data center complies with EU data protection regulations. This compliance assures our clients that their data is handled according to the strictest data privacy standards.

Our commitment to delivering top-notch service is reflected in this new data center. Our team has put much effort into ensuring maximum uptime and exceptional client performance.

Helpmonks - email management with US and EU data center

With the addition of the new EU data center, we have recently changed our registration process. As a result, we are now allowing our customers to select their preferred location for their account creation during the registration process. By doing so, we are giving our customers greater control over their data and ensuring that we provide a safe and secure platform. We have already updated our website to reflect this significant change.

Please know that our US and EU data centers are entirely independent, and as such, the data is stored in the chosen region during activation and cannot be interchanged.

We are thrilled about the new data center's opportunities and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible.

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