Movie about open source software has to become a reality

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Open source software turns this world and is found in every little gadget, in your phone (Android), when you swipe your credit card at the counter, in the plane (on my flight the other week the had to reboot and one could see the terminal screen for some time) in your TV set and for some driving their website with open source software on a open source operating system.

In short, open source is everywhere and is not something for freaks only anymore. Sure, Linux (as the open source operating system) has a long way to go to be used on a broad scale for the end user on the desktop, but at the rate that Ubuntu Desktop is driving forward I’m certain this goal will be reached in the coming years.

So, I find it a wonderful idea that there should be a movie about open source software. If you think the same, you can now pledge your support for the movie with a small donation (well, you also get something in return). I’ve just done so and think that we all should support this in order to spread the word about open source software! Head over now to the website of Software Wars now!

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