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Lots of things are going on here at Helpmonks as we are churning out almost weekly new features and options to help our customers with their team email workload.

Here are some of the latest product updates to Helpmonks.

Composing a new email shows the user information too
When you write a new email, you now see the user information on the right with the recent email conversations.

More options in the editor
Many of our customers requested to have more font options while writing their emails. With today’s update, we have included the option to select a font, the size, and the paragraph heading. Also, we added special characters, an advanced spell checker, and the quote option.

Self-hosted edition: Show a teaser
Sometimes you need to notify users of an upcoming change or simply want them to see a major note. With the new “teaser” system, our customers of the Helpmonks self-hosted edition can now alert users within Helpmonks. The note can have different colors have an expiration date and more.

Self-hosted edition: Added security option
In addition to the new teaser option above, our Helpmonks self-hosted edition users can now also secure access to their Helpmonks server with HTTP Basic Authentication.

These updates are already live and available to all customers of Helpmonks. With this update, the version for our self-hosted customers goes to Helpmonks 1.5.4. You can now grab the latest release.

Next up
We are hard at work (almost finished) with adding the 2-Step Verification (Two-factor) to user accounts. Once enabled, you can use tools like the Google Authenticator, Lastpass Authenticator, and others, to add another layer of security to your Helpmonks account.

Also, we are working on some significant changes to the search in Helpmonks. The new search will be faster and will have more options. Obviously, this will be available to all customers as well.

Last but not least, we are working on one of the most requested feature — Collision Detection.

Stay tuned for some more updates real soon.

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