Linux has replaced my Mac

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I’ve been trying for years to replace my Mac centric development work-flow with Linux. I’ve written before that I switched to a Dell Xps13 in order to use Linux full time. However, after three months, I gave the Xps13 to one of my developers (he is loving it and runs Arch Linux) and I went with a Macbook 12″ (which is surprisingly fast).

In any case, the longing of moving to Linux Desktop never stopped. I just like to have full control over my system (even though I might not hack in the kernel or take advantage of it), the knowing that every app I run on it is either open source or supports open source and in general it just feels good to know you have the ability to change the system if needed. In addition, as I’m managing over 200 Linux servers, there is just something about running the same system on the desktop as well.

That said, for a week now I’ve been running Linux full time on a Thinkpad T460s (which weights a little bit more than the Macbook 12″ but has a 1TB ssd and 20gb of Ram and comes with an i7). Not only is the laptop perfect but I’m able to do just about everything with Linux. Sure, some apps are different, but in general everything “just works”.

I’m planning to start writing more again about my experience with Linux in the future in the hope to encourage others to try out Linux on the desktop in 2016/2017 🙂

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