Introducing Real-time Desktop Notifications and Mailbox Refresh

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Whether reminding you of a conversation, helping you with your sales emails or building a transparent mailbox service for your whole team, Helpmonks is making your team email more transparent and easier to use.

Today we’re introducing real-time desktop notifications and auto-mailbox refresh to help you stay up-to-date with all your conversations in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks desktop notification on Windows 10 with Edge 14+

With desktop notifications you will get an update every time a new conversation lands in your mailbox. In addition, with your browser open to the mailbox listing page, the list of emails is now updated in real-time as emails arrive. From listing page or desktop notification, clicking on the notification will take you directly to the conversation view in Helpmonks.

In addition to notifications when a new email arrives, you’ll also get a notifications when someone leaves a note or replies to a conversation, or when a conversation is assigned to you.

Since not everyone likes to be notified of each event happening in your mailbox, desktop notifications can be configured for each mailbox under the “Notification” settings.

Helpmonks desktop notification settings

Desktop notifications are turned off by default. To enable them navigate to “Your Profile” and click on “Notifications” in the left side bar. Then select the mailboxes for which you would like to enable notifications.

As desktop notifications are built around the latest push technology, only the latest version of browsers are supported. The list of supported browsers includes Google Chrome, Firefox (on all platforms), Safari (macOS only) and Microsoft Edge 14+ (Windows 10). Please note, that with Windows 10 and Edge 14+ you will also see the Helpmonks notification in the “Action Center”.

Building the desktop notification and mailbox refresh has been a challenging and at the same time a lot of fun for us. We’re very excited to share it with you.

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