Introducing Avatar's and a re-design of the conversation view

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In the last several months we’ve made many design improvements to make Helpmonks more personal for your everyday use. Notably, in the previous few weeks, we’ve made some significant changes, and we are happy to present our latest re-design.


The most significant change has been that we added the option to add your Avatar to your profile. All Avatars are automatically fetched from Gravatar, and if you add any of your social accounts, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc., the system will give you the option to select the Gravatar from those accounts to be used in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks with Avatar’s

Not only do we fetch the Avatar for your account in Helpmonks, but we also get the Avatar from any customer that you have a conversation with. If we do not find a picture, we use the Initials to create a custom Avatar of the customer. The Avatar’s of the customer is automatically updated in the background so that any changes will also update in Helpmonks.

Helpmonks — customer Avatar’s

Conversation view re-design

As we’ve added the Avatar’s, it inspired us to make some UI changes to the conversation and its sidebar. The goal was to make it more personal and more time relevant. After testing with different formats and ideas, we’ve settled for a “timeline” project view of messages and notes.

Helpmonks conversation timeline

Also, the sidebar received a UI overhaul, where the elements should now offer better visibility and access to further actions more evident with one view.

Helpmonks — new sidebar design

We are excited about the re-design and think these UI enhancements will make working with Helpmonks even easier. As always, please let us know your feedback in the comment section.

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