Introducing a low-cost GDPR-compliant dedicated shared inbox server

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In these trying economic times, it is of utmost importance that your team can rely on a partner that makes sure that your communication with your clients continues without a hitch. After all, the current situation is stressful enough for all of us.

With that in mind, we are introducing a new low-cost dedicated shared inbox server that is fully GDPR-compliant. This new shared inbox cloud server includes five mailboxes and 100 users (these are your company users and not customers). Additionally, you get our Team To-Do app, IMAP sync, our two most used plugins – the custom fields and custom application, as many workflows as you require, and unlimited reports. Furthermore, the dedicated server includes all our other features like; Labels, Assignment, internal notes, and more. Moreover, your shared inbox cloud server comes with our best-in-class support, but not only for the software but also the whole server. Backups are included as well.

You can choose where you like us to deploy your server. At the moment we have the following locations available: New York, San Francisco, Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto (Canada), Singapore, London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), Mumbai (India), Bangalore (India), Tokyo (Japan), or Sydney (Australia).

The Helpmonks dedicated cloud servers are one of our best-kept secrets, and many of our international customers are already enjoying the benefit of owning their data on their very own shared inbox server.

While the current pandemic has undoubtedly an impact on all of us, it’s not a time to stop collaborating — quite the opposite. Hence, our hope in providing the new Helpmonks shared email cloud server, is that we can help you and your organization to continue to succeed.

Remember, we will get through this!

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