I'm getting too many emails at once! How to get your emails organized?

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Whether you are a company director, a senior manager, or someone who has to deal with many emails in your day-to-day job, it can be a pain and often stressful trying to work your way around your inbox.

Remembering that your email account isn’t just a single file line to receive every email at once is essential. You have the option to filter, block, prioritize, and group any email or group of emails.

Here are a few useful tips to keep your emails in check:

  • Group your emails based on the sender’s email address, their relationship with you, or if they’re a supplier, customer, friend, or someone else. Creating email groups makes it much easier to find specific emails without scrolling through hundreds or even thousands of irrelevant emails. Each email gets automatically grouped as it arrives in your inbox. If some emails accidentally went to the spam folder, these will now be sorted if you have assigned a group to them.
  • Prioritize the emails that matter – Anything that isn’t related to your customers shouldn’t be of as much importance. You can quite easily use the settings in your email client to create a filter for individual email addresses that hit your inbox. You and your team can ensure the most important emails are either pinned to the top of your inbox or shared through everyone’s email dashboard as a reminder. For emails that aren’t as urgent, you can always set up a procedure to automatically allocate them into a to-do folder.
  • Keep work and personal emails separate! – It might seem easy, but you can quickly sign up for other websites and services under your work email, even though the site has nothing to do with your job or company. Keep things separate, so that work time is focus time, and you don’t end up getting distracted by those new discounts at your favorite online clothing store!
  • Take some time to clean it up every once in a while – It is refreshing if you take a little time to clear out your inbox. You don’t need 1000+ notifications attached to this folder. When you have no historical messages, it is easy to count how many queries might be outstanding from customers. Use this tip to your advantage, and make your inbox look simple, up-to-date, and manageable. You might even find yourself picking up customer queries faster, and your team will greatly appreciate this, probably more than your customers!

Organizing your emails is one of the first, yet most valuable steps you can take to improve your customer service offering. When queries hit your inbox, you will be able to find them, allocate them, and solve them quicker than if your email folders were a mess! 

A great way to execute the find, allocate, and solve technique is by investing in a shared inbox tool – You can find out more about this here.

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