How a shared inbox can help your business in a world shifting online

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There’s no time like the present, and what a strange world it is we live in now, right?! – People are working from home, having to message each other instead of chatting in person, as it is now deemed a significant risk for companies to work from the office.

The biggest problem a lot of our new clients previously found was trying to find a way to bring their email approach more in-sync, while also improving productivity out of the office.

At Helpmonks, we offer the best kind of email ticketing alternative – A shared inbox.

When companies invest in a shared inbox service, it becomes far more comfortable for them to delegate and communicate who will send a particular reply, when they submit it and then notify the rest of the team when that reply is sorted.

A shared inbox transforms the way a company operates. As opposed to services like Slack and Teams, where a lot of delegation and collaboration can go off track quite quickly, a shared inbox offers a more direct approach. Team leaders don’t have to gather everyone for a call, and can instead decide at the click of a button who will send a reply to emails A, B, C – It is that simple.

If you are worried about emails being sent without being checked, Helpmonks offers a notes feature, where each email response can be given feedback in real-time. The last thing you want is for your remote workers to be sending emails based on assumption alone, that’s why we provide these tools to our users so that feedback is quick and easy to offer.

We understand that remote working can be a struggle at first glance, and it can feel impossible to keep a record of what emails have been responded to, which customers have sent in queries, and what needs to be included in your responses. That’s why we like to think we have you covered!

With Helpmonks, you can take advantage of our bespoke CRM management tools to monitor how many emails are awaiting a response and distribute those winning leads and sales opportunities. Helpmonks is excellent for spreading the right jobs, to the right people, in a matter of seconds.

Helpmonks is the only shared inbox service that combines your email management with a built-in CRM tool, meaning you have access to the same data across any device, from anywhere in the world.

Everyone in your organization will be able to gather the info they need, whether for automatic responses, information on sales opportunities, or details about a specific customer. Helpmonks makes all of this quick and easy to manage, even if you can’t safely have your team at the office.

Keep your productivity sky-high when working from home using the Helpmonks shared inbox tool. Try us out here free for 30 days.

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