Here are a few updates you might have missed

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Here at Helpmonks, we live and breathe our shared mailbox product daily, and as such, our team continues to improve and add features to the product. So much so, that we almost release something new weekly (you can check this on the Helpmonks RoadMap).

Here are some enhancements you might have missed from the last few weeks;

Add multiple email-addresses for a customer

Up to now, each customer record in Helpmonks could only contain one email-address. With the recent update, this is a thing of the past. You can now add as many email-addresses to a customer record as you like. With this, the email history is combined independently of the sender writing you from a different email address.

On the topic of customer records, we’ve also enhanced the search and indexing of records, and you should have a faster experience from now on when you search for an email in Helpmonks.

You can now delete an individual message in the email conversation

Ever had a message in your email conversation that you wanted to get delete? Maybe an auto-reply or some other message that got mixed in?

If so, you are in for a treat. The latest update to Helpmonks allows you to delete individual messages in the email thread.

Enhancements for the Group section

We’ve enhanced the Groups listing pages some more. Whereas before, you were only able to see the emails assigned to the Group under “Assigned (to the group)” you will now see emails that are also assigned to you. We’ve also added an overview on top and renamed the link to “Assigned (mine & group)” to make this more obvious.

Furthermore, we’ve cleared up the Assigned and Pending section, so that you will see with a glance which conversations are assigned to users or a group.

All in all, these changes mean less switching for you and your team between mailboxes and groups and staying more focused.

Quickly switch to the dark or light theme for the message view

If you rock the dark theme, there are always some messages that might not show everything properly (we try very hard, but some emails are weirdly formatted). With the new switch setting, you can quickly view the message in the light theme.

Code formatting in the editor

While a small thing, I bet those of you who drop into the HTML code view in the editor from time to time will appreciate this minor enhancement. That is, we’ve added a code enhancements plugin to the editor, which shows you the code colorized, and you also get line numbers.

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