Helpmonks Release Notes May 2019

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The month of May marked the arrival of some significant enhancements to Helpmonksshared drafts, preview icons for attachments, including a new attachment view and an enhanced PDF viewer, a brand new usage report, and performance improvement across the board.

Shared Drafts

As of immediately, you have the option to share your drafts with your team members. You can do this, whenever you compose a new message or a reply. Just toggle “share draft” and your draft is automatically shared with your team members (they also will get notified of your share).

We’ve also re-designed the draft overview, as it will now show the ones that you have shared or are shared with you and drafts that are not shared.

Also, we (finally) satisfied a big request from our users – drafts will now save attachments. For that matter, the same applies to a collision.


Speaking of attachments, we’ve made several significant changes to how we handle attachments.

Now, you will seeaniceoverviewof all attachments of a message for each message. Each attachment will also have a preview of the content. We went to great length, and we are happy to say that we can generate previews for around 400 different file types. Here is just one example of how this looks now.

Finally, inline images, will not show up as attachments anymore, because strictly speaking, they are “inline” after all.

Last but not least, we also added a brand new PDF viewer that will show your PDF documents in the browser without any further plugin. The PDF viewer also works wonderfully on your mobile devices. Apple’s iOS is notoriously known not to show documents correctly, and we are happy to tell you that with our implementation, you can view your PDF’s also with iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Usage report

We now also added a brand new report called “Usage Report”. As the name implies, the report shows you an overview of your usage in Helpmonks. It shows you how much emails you have in Helpmonks, how much attachment storage you use, how many emails you have sent so far, and much more. The data is also broken down by each mailbox.

Performance improvements

Ultimately you will judge your experience of any application by its performance. Knowing that very well, the Helpmonks team embarked on a mission to do everything in our power to increase the performance of the system.

To that end, we’ve added many more servers to our web app (Helpmonks) server farm lately and now also enabled the distribution of Helpmonks over a CDN (Content Delivery Network). The CDN allows us to serve any static content, e.g., your attachments, images, scripts, CSS files, and more, as close to your location as possible. In short, if you are using Helpmonks, say in Australia, the content will be delivered from one of the available servers located in Australia.

With over 180 points of presence, our partner’s CDN is massively scaled and globally distributed and allows us to scale Helpmonks even further.

That’s it

We are confident that you like the new additions to your Helpmonks account. As always, we are looking forward to your feedback.

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