Helpmonks is free for open source projects and non-profit organizations

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Helpmonks — the ridicolously easy way to manage emails with your team — launched in December to great reviews from over 1000 beta testers. Since then many customers are enjoying managing emails with their team in an efficient way daily.

Today we want to emphasize that Helpmonks is completely free to use for open source projects and non-profit organizations!

Helpmonks is built with open source technologies and the founders of Helpmonks are contributing daily to various open source projects. Additionally, we want to support non-profit organizations whose aim is to better the world.

We know that building an open source community and a non-profit organization can sometimes be difficult. We hope that by providing Helpmonks for free we will help enable you to achieve your goal faster and more easily.

Join the many customers today who benefit from hassle free team email management. Sign up for a trial and let us know about your open source project or non-profit organization.

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