Find anything, go anywhere, with the new Jump menu

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We are excited to introduce the new Jump menu to Helpmonks. With the new Jump menu, you can find anything quickly or go anywhere within your Helpmonks account with ease.

For example, to search for anything, bring up the new Jump menu (with ctrl+/ or cmd+/ on macOS) and start typing. The Jump menu will search in all the conversations and also for any customer or company record. Cycle through the found records with your up/down arrow-key and hit enter to go there (of course, you can use your mouse as well).

We’ve also added some superpowers to the Jump menu. For instance, it will also search within your mailbox(es) for the string in addition to the search above. Besides, we made the whole navigation available as well. Hence, e.g., going to the Dashboard is as easy as typing “na:hh” (the same as the shortcut “hh”), or to show all your mailboxes, type “mb:”

An additional bonus is the “Recently visited” menu. Any email, customer, company, in general, any page that you visit from the Jump menu will be remembered and made available under the “Recently visited” within the Jump menu. Thus, going back to an email you visited some time ago will be just one click or keystroke away. Best of all, the visits will be remembered during browser restarts, also.

Jump menu – Recently visited

We’ve been using the Jump menu in recent weeks and think it will increase your productivity with Helpmonks manifold.

The Jump menu is available in your Helpmonks account now. Just hit ctrl+/ or cmd+/ (check out all the other shortcuts with shift+?) and type away.

As always, let us know what you think about the feature. We read and reply to each feedback.

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